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  1. New subs for the Titan are built and ready to go

    1. Kyblack76


      Damn dude,.. long time. Good to see ya back. You gonna update your BL ??? I wanna see !!!?!?!? Again, welcome back yo...

  2. Havocs coming out soon. Parts for 18's shipping sooooon. 

  3. Side view starting to fall off

  4. Hurricane Matthew was nasty

  5. Bass is destructive

    1. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Yep it is broke back window latch, broke off rearview mirror, middle dome light is done so rear door lock is starting to screw up.

    2. Carnines


      My overhead console has cracked in half and is now turning the light on it's own

  6. System turned out wicked.

    1. Keith77


      vids or it didn't happen

    2. Carnines
  7. Chunk of the truck bed cut out today

  8. Things are getting interesting

  9. I love it when plans start coming into place.

  10. I have a false floor

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    2. Skullz


      A false floor can also be one where you hide your drugs your trying to smuggle in or out of some place.

    3. Carnines


      I have a jack under there. Ill call it jack and a box when its done

    4. jcarter1885


      Womp womp, sarcasm fellas. Haha

  11. My fuse holders have been on backorder forever

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    2. mrd6


      I have the SHCA ones and I agree, they suck. I mean, they work but the plastic backing is very flimsy and the attachment between the aluminum blocks and the plastic base is weak. I broke 2 of my 8 just trying to tighten things down.

    3. Miguels


      the shca fuses you can get for $1 in downtown la if you know where to go.. i wouldnt buy them though

    4. Kyblack76


      exactly MRD6. That 1.5mm screw holding the blocks down is a joke. I broke several. And the metal flaked on the blocks. I just didnt like em....not even for how cheap they were cost wise.

  12. Anyone close with ct sounds?

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    2. hdorre


      a buddy is their biggest distributor, if that helps

    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      ^^^ No I'm not, stop lying. I sell propane and propane accessories

    4. hdorre
  13. Plan for the box is 3 8 inch aero ports. Yeboi

    1. boom50cal


      much area many decibels


    2. Carnines


      Can't go wrong with 32 hz tuning and 150 sq inches of port area :)

    3. Carnines


      Tuning subject to change

  14. Never heard of an sq sub rated at 2500 rms. Quality of sound would be based on box, processing, and how clean the power source is.
  15. Been playing some of this Witcher 3

    1. DrewJones


      Awesome game isn't it?

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