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Found 13 results

  1. how should the DD1 be used for a system consisting of more than the typical head unit to amplifer setup? I have a pioneer HU running to Audiocontrol matrix then to a EQs then to a 6XS then to 4 amps. What advice can you give for gain setting these with the DD1
  2. So i went to set a buddies gains after helping him install and noticed my DD-1 disc had a fat smudge on it that wont come off. Shit happens right even to a person who takes extremely good care of there equipment and tools. So anyways i can use my IASCA IDBL disc for 40 hz for now but i would really like to see about getting a replacement disc for my DD-1 to keep it all original. Searched the forum and didnt run across anything about replacement discs. Anyone got any info or a email or way of contacting D'Amore engineering?
  3. I have a DD-, I like it, and although I have only used it once to tune my system and have had it over a year I don't regret purchasing it. I am intrigued by the DD-1+ but am on the fence about making the purchase... $250. I asked about a trade in program when they first came out but I don't think there is one. Yeah I could sell my DD-1 but it's signed by Meade and I really don't want to try to sell it. I am not one of the lucky ones that can just drop hundreds of dollars on a new gadget whenever they want to. If I was in that position i would own all of the SMD tools and meters. I could buy it on credit but I am unemployed right now and that would be against my better judgement, although I could probably be convinced I watched Steve's YouTube video about the DD-1+, searched the forum for topics, and even downloaded the owners manual and am still left with questions about exactly how gain overlap compares to using the various DD-1 tracks. Say for example you have a DD-1+ and you set the gain overlap to 10db, how does that differ from just having the DD-1 and using the -10db track? Also, how do you know what type of overlap to use when you have fully variable adjustment from 0-15db? Thanks to any and all with input.
  4. As all of you know the original SMD Tool Map was no longer being update by the OP. I went ahead and transferred all the data from his map and copied them to a new map. The new map is on a different server because it is 100% free. We can also add a logo to the top right corner of the Map. I didn't want to add the SMD logo without permission from someone. The new map can be found here: SMD Tool Map If you have a tool that you would like added to this list either PM me or add it to this post and I will add them to the list. I am on here at least once per day sometimes more. I do not feel I own this list, If someone has a better mapping site or would like to take it over just let me know. I will send you the Excel file of all the information. Thanks Dan
  5. I can turn off the dd 1 but a fue seconds later it turns back on by its self. And the rca plug on the red and black leads the threads striped and the cover wont stay on. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with it or how to get it fixed?
  6. So a few years ago I borrowed a friends O-scope from the lab. Found my max volume on my Pioneer 5900 to be 52, 53 squared the wave off. I then set my gains with everything flat with a 40hz 0db track and 1000hz 0db track. A couple of months ago I purchased the DD-1 and got right to trying it out. I plugged it in to the RCA's from the deck made sure all crossovers were all the way up again and all eq's and boosts were flat and off. The pioneer maxes out at 62 on the volume. The DD-1 didn't even detect signal until I was in the mid 30's and when I turned up the volume it went all the way to 62 with no distortion light. Suspicious that the light might not be functioning I turned the EQ up until finally it did come on. So on both the 40hz 0db and 1000hz 0db tracks the DD-1 showed not even a flicker all the way up to 62. So I'm a little concerned as I said the O-scope showed clipping at 52 but DD-1 is saying I'm good to go up to 62. How is that possible? Any help or advise on this would be great! I mean if it's good to 62, which is where I have everything set now, then I'm cool with that but in all the videos I've seen comparing the DD-1 to an O-scope when the wave on the scope squares off the DD-1 is lighting up. So just confused and concerned. Thanks in advance for any help or advise.
  7. We've got the AD-1 Amp Dyno very close to production trim. Here are a couple of demo videos showing some of it's capabilities. Currently the AD-1 Amplifier Dyno is the only self contained test system that can measure RMS Continuous Power and Dynamic Power of both Full Range and Bandwidth Limited (subwoofer) Amplifiers in the world....and it does it in YOUR CAR! Please enjoy these two videos. The first video demonstrates the gain setting capability of the newly developed DD-1+ technology built into the AD-1. DD-1+ allow the user to make variable gain overlap settings in 1dB increments, even if the system is dirty and reads over 1% Distortion BEFORE clipping. The AD-1 amp dyno's DD-1+ technology can also be used in EXACTLY the same manner as the classic DD-1 if the user chooses. Link below The second video demonstrates the dyno loading and precision power measurement technologies in the AD-1 Amplifier Dyno. Learn about Certified Dyno Mode (which the Jeep's system failed due to headunit's noisy output), Uncertified Dyno Mode (which is the backup in the event you run into a problem like we did), and Dynamic Power Mode which measures power output during a very short term "bursted" signal. This is the industry standard for measuring "Dynamic Power" or "Headroom". Link below
  8. Has anyone used the DD-1 with an MS-8? Setup is: Alpine x305s > MS-8 > Massive NX4 & Massive N2. Hu adjust works great, If i run the HU straight to the amp i can adjust without problems but when the MS-8 is in the mix I can't get a signal, HU volume is at max before distortion and no matter what I set the volume of the MS-8 at I get no signal on the DD-1. I ended up just adjusting the amp gains with the signal straight from the HU and then recalibrating the accoustic measurememnt of the MS-8. Sounds great but I just want mnake sure there wasn't something i missed or if this a known issue with the MS-8...etc. Thanks.
  9. I was thinking to my self today and said " self does it make a difference when I set gains with my DD-1 with the car on and getting 14.6 volts or with the car off and reading 12.6 volts? " and I don't know the answer to tell myself or anybody else. Can anybody chime in and help ? It killing me inside to know the answer.
  10. Hello everyone! New to the forum and have found alot of useful info. So im in the process of building my audio system, amp should arrive friday and im picking up my headunit tomorrow. Im actually excited with this project. So my question is how would i set the gain on the amp using the DD-1 with an epicenter in the system?
  11. What can I say, it's an awesome product! We just got these the other day and can't get enough of playing with them. Really easy to use, and you just immidietly know what's up with the system, takes all the guesswork out. Eventhough we have a big ole soviet-era oscilioscope in the shop we rarely use it in the cars, mostly for testing amps...the gains are usually set by ear and based on our experience - which is fairly accurate as we have quite a few years of experience, and know when to back off when beating on a system, but it's rarely 100% clean signal. So here's a vid we shot the other day (we also had a bunch of pics, but those are on the camera still and need to be uploaded...we will get those up later) - sorry in advance for my sometimes incoherent rambling, I'm not that used to the camera just yet. LOL the actual gain setting part is in Russian as that was done by Drugban and Vic now this was like the perfect example of what I was tlaking about above - we have the Obsidian 18's on a Sundown SAZ3500 @ half-ohm in the vid, and when this was initially hooked up we pretty much eyballed everything as usual. The subs were actually fine, but on some tracks we had them getting a bit too warm - we knew there was some clipping looking at the voltage drop.... After we set the gains with the DD-1 on the deck (the Sony unit at the Audi starts to clip at 35 on the sub channel) and the amp (video above) - perfect! zero issues, no coils smell at all.... I can't wait to use this to set up my system, which being a BP4 means I can't exactly smell coils with the sub being in sealed chambers oh yah, here's the vid we left out with setting the HU Thanks Steve!!!
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