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30 Days on Oxy Elite Pro

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thats 80 pounds. good job man. Are you exercising or just eating less?

Yeah I know atleast 20lbs of that is stress. But im a lot more active now And for a while I was doing push ups. I'm going on my second bottle. You have to quit for so long between. So I tried hydroxicut (sp) that stuff is a huge waste of money IMO. I'm very happy with the Oxys so far.I Can't wait to start lifting again. I let myself go way downhill over the last 7yrs

REST IN PARADISE BIG RICH (Sqmonte) never forgotten

Why do you guys ALWAYS dispute on NUMBERS?????

It's such a played out argument, so fucking annoying....

It's 12 fuckin 15's.... It's louder than you... Shut the fuck up...



I'm so jealous, it makes me want to club baby seals. That shit gets down HARD!

dont buy from knowledge he will scam you.


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any updates ??? i started 3 weeks after i posted my last post here. my starting weight was 354. i just weighed myself last week im at 274. however i quit drinking soda.. well kind of. i have had maybe 4 sense i started. didnt really stop eating but cut the size of my meals. now i need to work on the extra ....flab i guess :pardon: lol

Good stuff... i'm still debating on taking it, i never took any pills before.

has anyone else taken these or any other ones, review pls

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