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God damn, that's a monster 5.25! The excursion looks great on it, how much power does it handle lol?

Thank you! Yeah it's probably getting close to 2" worth, but I snapped the glue joint on half of the spider during the video, so I'll have to fix that then I'll push it harder. But I'll probably just go onto building the next version anyway.

Um, well, it's pretty stiff so it takes a bit to get it moving, and in this video it has no dustcap so it wasn't able to cool itself. I was giving it anywhere between 100 and 200 watts RMS as a guess. But actual long term power it could take if it was in a box, no idea. Lol.

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My RE MT 18" wall build Former build, farewell beloved wall.In progress, Toyota Starlet build

This forum has a massive boner for ridiculous electrical upgrades.

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Adire Parthenon ftw :)

that looks like one hell of a sex toy

Just say no to Ground Pounder Customs.

More box builds

some cars do over 170db with one sub, so clearly my two 12"s can do that in my car, with my knowledge too! look out bitches!

I'm with captain stupid.

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^^^ Thought the same thing! LOL :D

Bassless once again. Can't seem to keep a system for more than a few weeks :)

Saving for a '06 Nissan 350z, look for build around June 2012.

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