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Toyota AudioQue Vids/Pictures Page 4!

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Why not enter what do i got to lose? nothing so here it goes.

i have a Toyota 1991 22re single cab ( that i refuse do a blow through on and i dont like shallow mounts)


-Stock alt

-Stock battery

-0/1 ga Knu Konceptz wiring

-SD 2.5 10" AudioQue D4 sub

-AudioQue 1200.1 D wired up at 2 ohms ( so 870watts rms )

-Big 3 of Knu Konceptz 0/1 ga

-Sony Headunit with 3 pre outs 4v pre amp

-Box is 2.00 cu.ft tuned at 35 hz

-Dont rag on them but my mids are Boss 3 way doors speakers 75rms 300 peak (its boss calm down ,i am going to get better just not now.

-Some tweeters.

-Stinger volt meter

-Stinger 0/1 to 4ga reducer

-Extra 6ft of Knu 0/1 ga wiring


working on getting another 4inch aero port , i ordered one never was to be found.....

i have not decided on rca's yet ( JL or Knu )

A little about me

My name is Skyler Owens i am 17 years old i go to school for a contracting license in construction and live in the sunshine state aka Florida so i found a new hobby which is this now everything i have learned i learned here on this forum.and every bit of equipment i got i have raked planted and mowed someones yard in my neighborhood for i have no job and the truck was a handy down in the family that it was broken when i got it and i worked to fix it all summer on my own i have no fathers or friend who really get down and do work them self's with me so this build has been hard for me to do. but this year i finally saved up enough to do it myself.im proud and feel so accomplished that it was my hard earned money. so im excited and i hope you guys enjoy this much as i do and thanks to everyone who has helped me! im such a :noob:

What i am doing in this build?

ill be cleaning up wires , running new power and ground , making and carpeting new box , stinger meter , new amp ,fixing headunit ,the sub ,and maybe some work on the truck.

What Will Be in the log?

my build log will consist of everything from my first build where it started with kicker 10" sub and boss components . till now with all my new gear.

will be tons of pictures and videos , i hope you all enjoy :drinks:


this is my first video i ever took of the truck when i first bought it last year and it had no seats or nothing in it.. wire was all f'd up

then here is a video of my truck when i had my first kicker system in it which was

sony headunit

boss 3 way door speakers and tweets cheap.

SPL 400watt amp ( only really did 200watts )

and kicker comp in 1.00cu.ft sealed truck box.

and like 8 ga power wire.

^i had a bench seat in then.

this is when i got rid of the bench seat

Put 4Ga in

and built a temporary 1.67cu.ft box sealed , i knew i was going build a new system so i didnt take much time on that box.



then i received my AudioQue sd 2.5 10" D4 sub

this is a bit flex after i got the sub in and ported the box i owned at 33hz

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here some more random pics this is not the build this is what it has became overtime and what it was and to show you my truck and what room i got to work with.

here is some pictures of when i was porting it and the room i got to work with <_<









what the truck use to look like when i was taking the body lift out of it.


the old bench seat


i fabricated new brackets for some bucket seats from a toyota supra.


My center cup holder and console :P


AQ Sub pictures (:




My little brother testing the suspension


the rims




she is a beauty


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replacing all my toyota logos with this here


and here some pics of the 0/1 ga wood carpet and homedepot stuff , have not been working much on it :shrug:


guy cutting me some carpet


quick run of it i am going to clean it up tomorrow after school


coming out of the interior side


my supplies




By the way just check ups my amp will be here wednesday and so shall my aero port. box is already build sorry i didnt post pictures it was late ill take pictures of it done tomorrow and some pictures of my volt meter all flushed and perfectly in place to. stay tuned :pardon:

Video Update.

started carpeting it




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nice build...

that truck will last you forever...

lol... i love those trucks...

1 question. why no blowthrough =[

edit: fail to read...

your rim size is perfect for a drop...

My first truck... My first Real build...

*Update 8/9/10 DC Power 270xp Alt is In!!!*

1997 Toyota T-100 DC Level 5 18" in a T-line

Everybody wants their system to be....

1. Cheap

2. Reliable

3. Loud

...you can only pick two.

micahmye hertz pack

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looks like a good start so far man. nicely done. idk about that grounding spot though... is it on the part that sticks up or the thicker part on bottom? hard to tell. but thats just a thin bracket spot welded to the thin body. just sayin :pardon:


baaudio Build Log

2001 GMC Sierra walkthrough

4 Mechman Elite 370s, 10 AGM batteries, 3 Crossfire XS v2 18s, Crossfire 8k

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all my 0/1 ga wire is cleaned up

my headunit is cleaned up

my amp is here and wired up

my knob is wired

my volt meter is up and wired

built a little shelf so the sub bow is sitting flat behind my seats.

cleaned up my connections

and yes i did tune it with a DMM that i borrowed from the neighbor and light is blinking not a full red clip

the ground is temporary and and im taking the 4 inch lift out to make it sit lower.

nominate me for system of the month its a build in progress im still building another box and carpeting it. stay tuned.

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