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Charger R/T SMD Help Me

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so im wondering if any of my SMD family can help me out here. did anyone on here build this car.or know who built it...A friend of a friend bought it on eBay from some where in Michigan... it has a badge on it that says sound & security.

Anyway, Memphis and I spent memorial weekend with my lifelong friend Mike and his family,Brad(owner of the charger) showed up and i had to check it out..he said it had a full rockford system with "spinning subs" HUH??? now i really gots to see!!!!he said it does not perform Near as good as it should.. it has 2 ported T1 10s,power components,theres a 3sixty in it but its not hooked up... and a power 800.2 and a 800.4

anyways...i have some questions on the car...if anyone could help itd be great>>>thanks<<<






My MainMan,My lil Man,Dude,Bubb....My son Memphis @ 3years OldShow'em that car son..........

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Memphis and I started pullin beauty panels off... i didnt get alot of pix,but there are 4" casters above and below the enclosures to guide them....and some awsome gears and sprockets and a chain and an electric moter to spinn the enclosures...



but....it appears to me as if the speaker signal travels through all these moving metal parts...

one wire connected to the flat steel going from one enclosure to the other...to the bolt dead center on each enclosure...then that top gear is isolated with MDF spacer then the back side and all the bracketry is connected to the opposing signal...

theres a wire attached to each bracket....does any of my babbling make sence???

My MainMan,My lil Man,Dude,Bubb....My son Memphis @ 3years OldShow'em that car son..........

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Wow...not something I would have in my vehicle, but this is an awesome show car. And the innovativeness of people thinking to run the speaker signal through the moving parts...That would've never crossed my mind.


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thats fucking nuts. ive always wanted to build a sub that could be able to spin but could never figure out how to damn i want vids!!

I picked up an MTX Sw1212 powered subwoofer today. This thing sounds amazing. 130 watts, 12" woofer with a passive 12" woofer tuned to 27 hz. Moving the pictures on the walls and my girl got wet from the bass when i showed her haha. Tonight should be good haha.

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Not a bad idea, except for the bad ideas of it.

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It's a pretty damn neat idea, and it seems to have worked for them, but I can only imagine how much power is being wasted with having to go through all of that.

The right way to do it is to use 2 conductor slip rings, like they use for wind turbine, but they are pretty pricey.

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