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Things that make you happy/smile

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Call me a bitch. :peepwall:

Lol you aint the only one :peepwall:

Gotta keep a bitch warm, bitches love warmth :rofl:

Hahah damn cody

She ain't that sexy. I wouldn't even let her blow me. Those 10 pounds of make up would end up all over my crotch.

you dont find dubstep, dubstep finds you

hu: Pioneer MVH - P8300BT

mids: Alpine sps-600 all four corners

highs: Addictive Audio ECST25A,Memphis PR tweeters back

sub: 15 inch crossfire bmf

box: 4 cubes at 38 hz

amp: Rockford Fosgate Power 1000 25 To Life

140.7 on a non sealed trunk car with a five channel so far (old sub audiobahn aw1505q)

Build Log




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Looked over the thread 2 hours ago and than found this randomly at You-tube. Surprising woman happy

Yeah suprising woman happy twice is higher, sry for doubleposting.

Edited by Watch the bass

"in the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty" Bob Marley

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Chocolate milk, boobs, the girl I am talking to, bass.... Too much to list lol

formerly known as Jaylor Swift

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Rage Quit Videos!!!

how do you embed videos?

Edited by 412 CVX

Just say no to Ground Pounder Customs.

More box builds

some cars do over 170db with one sub, so clearly my two 12"s can do that in my car, with my knowledge too! look out bitches!

I'm with captain stupid.

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My young boys telling me whoever the broncos are playing sucks lol they're little diehard sports fans

Headunit - Alpine 9857

Mids & Highs - T165,T1692

Mids & Highs Amp - T400-4

Subs - 2 12" DC Audio Level 3 M2s

Sub Amp - T1500-1bdcp

Alternator - MechMan 220a

Wiring - 1/0ga XS Power

Batteries - 2 Optima Yellow Tops

Read the fucking manual. Jesus Christ.

I dunno about that Steve...

Chuck Norris doesnt even do push-ups, he just pushes the earth down.

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That first beat on that new box

Underass is a love of mine. Love mah wife's miniskirts





My daughter




Viper 5902, big 3, 1/0 Rockford wiring, 2 xs d3100, mechman 300a, pioneer avic-z1, 2 dc 12xls, Rockford t2500.1bdcp, Rockford t1000.4ad, Rockford t2 6.5 comps, damplifier

Build log: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/102584-carbon-fusion/

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