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  1. Your a dumb ass, i should ban you for this post you fucking idiotForevrbump´n is long not seen. Edited by David
  2. My install for street class with one 12" woofer (all in the trunk and below the glass). This is only position of the box and port to fit all of the components (box, one battery, two amps) of the system in a trunk. KK, nice vid´s by the way.
  3. Hi Nastradamus, did you tried to facing the corner of the trunk with the box. Like Ric does, he did a 158 with a SA 15 D2 on something like 6 K-watt´s http://youtu.be/7-JTpRMXWhc. He tested a vew 15´s arround 600 sub´s http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/107084-testing-an-ascendant-audio-arsenal-15-in-the-boswells-ddbeast/
  4. shit is crazy like that in UK.. when i was there i would see a McDonalds and a subways in every street corner. literally like 1000 feet from each other and jammed packed like a motherfucker.. lines that extended to the street and i was like whats so special about mcdonalds? one place i liked was pizza express. it was the best pizza i ever had And Frankie and Benny's is a great chain lol. They have no Italian dressing though. My wife got an Italian sub and the girl working at subway never even heard of Italian dressing. If you ever taste the UK kitchen/cooking, you would know, why there have on any corner a packed fastfood.
  5. You hae to work with a stepdown module, if you have a 14 volt batt and charge them usual at 16 volt´s.
  6. I got a demo from this guy, the loudest country music I ever heard Played by Audiopoop "Ring of fire"
  7. Worst car-audio install highlight start @ 10.40 http://youtu.be/AKH23bamIKU.
  8. In Steve´s last amptest vid, he stated that he poped the fuses @ 0.5 on the DC 1.2 K.
  9. If he buy dual 2 Ohms he can run them on 4 Ohm, or dual 4 Ohm´s on 2 Ohm´s. Than isn´t the 5 K to big. http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/rftech/woofer_wizard.asp?submitted=true&woofer_qty=4&woofer_imp=3
  10. You sure? Mario have 12 lvl 3 on 10 K here the vid on the site of his buildlog http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/159238-mariobs-tomb-of-boom/page-40
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