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Our ÜSA 2012 Trip...possible meeting November 2nd 2012 at Steve´s shop ?

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Hi there.

Finally I am coming back to the States to travel a bit around

and visit old (and new?) friends. Its a 3,5 week trip and

it starts and ends in Las Vegas.

We leave Oct. 25th here and stay til Nov. 18th

We are going up north and travel counter clockwise throgh

stations 1-16. Will find out who else we will see and visit during the trip.

For sure are: Rusty in Reno, Steve in Sacramento, ZAPCO in Manteca,

Dough Stockton in Delhi, ATOMIC in Oxnard, HOPEFULLY Jeffrey in LA or San Bernardino,

Mike Hughes in Lake Havasu, Alma Gates in Phoenix.

Some of then I reached already, some got my mail and I wait,

This time I dont travel on my own. We are basically two groups of 3 people each.

One group is my "Rolls Royce Partner" ad friend Sven from BANZAI Car-Hifi

and 2 of his friends and my group is together with a couple what

is good friend of mine.

Here is the basic route we are following.


If I can reach Steve (or if you read here Steve, contact me please

via E Mail bc reaching you is a bit difficult these days LOL) we can

MAYBE shedule another meeting at his place. I dont know if it

works out, but it would be a friday evening and we can make it

big or small. Mabye at Steves shop with a nice party? Nothing big,

just a few nice girls popping out of cakes or so looool

It will be friday november 2nd when we arrive.

If it can happen and a few people come around, fine.

But Steve is the one who decides if, or if not.

Dont want to invade his shop LOL

Just thought its a nice idea bc of the nice turnout when

I was there back in 2008.

Lets work it out and have fun together!


Michael tongue.gif

www.SQPL.de Rulez!

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ok, talked to Steve and he likes the idea.

Maybe we can work something out or have something more to do that evening.

Anyone has suggestions? Who would be there? It was a cool little Party

back in 2008 in Steves House and now we have some more space,

what doesnt mean that we have a mega party with 1000s of people LOL

Maybe Steve can also do a little workshop with his devices?

However, we have lots of time to plan the evening.

Lets share some ideas, even if they are: Letz just hang out EASY...


Michael tongue.gif

www.SQPL.de Rulez!

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From Ben coming to states so no cross country this year

I will have to try to get to vegas this year see you and Sven

I have not seen him since 2007 in Sinsheim is he bringing his kid

with and I guess he most be doing good.

If not im really trying to get back to Germany( I miss going here) Next year

for ethier Car & Sound show or Amicon show which show is the best to attend?

Send me a email to my acount you have.



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sorry, no TN this time! (i would love though...)

ben, as i told many times before:

AMICOM IS the Car&Sound now, or at least the replacement/successor,

the "better" place to go for business and so on. But still, difficult...

So, you know Sven also? But you shouldnt know his kid, bc its so "small" :)

hope to see you at SEMA. I let you know what Day we are there. I guess its just one day.

But we are for one week in Vegas. So meeting is more than possible outside the SEMA.


Michael tongue.gif

www.SQPL.de Rulez!

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His wife was pregs in 2007 so Yes never met thier kid.

His Car was in JL Audio booth 2006 and we were trying to work deal

to put Kinetik in car from there we had kept in contact for awhile

and in 2007 was last time I saw him in Germany he had VW bug in

Morels booth I believe.

I was hoping you were in vegas for CES but for SEMA

have only been there once in 2006 with Kinetik.

the only reason I had asked I talked to SPL Dynamics

he saying car & tuner show was better.

Im working with them to have warehouse in FL for 2013 launch

of product but nothing is set yet need to call them

in next week or so to see what we are doing.



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I know Amicon has different dates then car & sound show

is April 11 thru 14 next year 2013

and in Leipzig Germany and the other is in Friedrichshafen, Germany


they have not released dates yet for 2013

since Amicon is earlier this year air flight should be cheaper for me

and Euro being down

Hopefully I will see you



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just 9 days til departure! i am excited. after 4 years "no ÜSA"....

steve, watch out for my e mail. we arrive in the evening of friday november 2nd.

no need for a big thing. but if a bunch of cool people show up, no problem,

at least for me :)

just a nice meeting and some food/beverages maybe?

you can demonstrate and show off your SMD devices/gizmos?

still looking for a coupon for the universal studios in la (were about 6-8 people)

and all this other passes for all the citys/parks. you can become poor with all of that...

oh, our hotel (motel 6) is in the north highlands. I hope the area is halfway safe lol


Michael tongue.gif

www.SQPL.de Rulez!

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