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Bre2ts Feedback

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Purchased Term-Lab from Bre2ts.

Shipping took a little longer than i originally expected, but when i inquired i got very qick response explaining work schedule had hindered getting package dropped off.

Now i have received product, and it was exactly as described and pictured. Downloaded software hooked up, and it all works as described.

I would recommend and definitely buy from again in the future!

Thanks Brett.

Robert Mundell.

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Purchased a RF 3sixty.2 (i wanted another one for my truck in the future lol) and a Palm Tungsten T-5 with power and charging cable from Bre2ts. As a previous transaction i had with him it was a breeze. I paid him on paypal and the next business day he got it sent out and i received it a week later which was faster than the last time i ordered 1/0 wire from him but it is coming from Japan after all so im not worrying about that, customs can be a pain in the butt sometimes with holding crap up. Anyways it came all perfect except for a minor little flaw in the usb/charging cable for the palm where it had a broken pin on the charging connector but if i connect the charger directly to the unit im working and charging just fine so im not sweating that at all just thought id mention it. Im not blaming him at all or holding him accountable for it. I didnt test the 3sixty.2 just yet but im very sure its fine from my previous experience i had with him.

Thanks for the great products Brett!!!


2004 GMC Envoy1 XS power S3400 batt under the hood and 4 XS Power D3100's battery installed in the rear by the amps0 gauge power wire from front to backAlpine iva-w205 touchscreen dvd/cd/mp3/ipod/am/fm/gps headunitSundown Audio SAX-200.4 amp for my mids and highs8 gauge speaker wire from amp to woofer270 amp Mechman AltRockford Fosgate T1652-s component speakersRockford Fosgate 3Sixty.2 sound processorRca's from Rockford Fosgate and Monster Cable14 gauge speaker wire for the mids and highs1 18" Ascendant Audio SMD Dual 1 ohm with custom Black & Blue carbon fiber and hand signed dustcapBox: 5.66 cubic feet net volume box tuned to 30.13Hz with 1.5" wide wooden dowels and 1.5" thick baffle1 DC Audio 5.0k amp wired to .5 ohms nominal with an imp rise of 1.35 ohms for the single AA SMD 18"Future Vision 8000k 50w bi-xenon projector HID's with 4300k 35w fog lightsLink to my build: Buildupdates/progress

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