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Dual 18 inch ported subwoofer box custom made on a Buget

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I got bored 1 day & decided to build a new box for my truck. The build lasted two days & now just testing the sound quality before I glue/paint it. Looking for opinions or sponsors to support my habit of being Bass Junkie lol

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Box? I see no box :peepwall:

Also just realised... LOL at sponsors...

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i still havent seen a box or heard any bass lol

Thats because they're distance tests for mids/highs... OP, upload to any pic website like photobucket or imageshack, just open the photo, right click, hit copy image url, then where you see the little picture symbol on the taskbar on here, click that, paste it in and you should be good to go :good:

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    • By Krisztián Arnold
      Hey Guys!
      I am thinking of buying some new subwoofers, and wanted to ask for your advices/recomendations on the ones I looked up.
      I kind of look for a pair of 12-s in the 400-460$ price range ( including shipping to midle Europe), and will be powered by a Hifonics Brutus BRX 2016.1D, and an XS Power D975 for now. 
      So far I tought about getting one of these:
      1) Rockford Fosgate Punch P3D4 12"
      2) Alpine Type R SWR-12D4 
      3) Massive Audio TOROX124 12"
      I apprechiate any help in a form of an answer!
      Maybe if you have experience with any of them, or have a woofer that you would recomend for me feel free to share.
    • By Rich Schenk
      Need 6 good 12s preferably 2000-2000+ rms for deal what do you guys have?
      Have 10 American bass xfl 1222s 5-6 good 4-5 blown ( if anyone wants to trade with  cash on my end)
    • By xpoppadaddyx
      Here we go with another build.  This one won't be as slow as the Chevy TB and I'm excited for that.  This vehicle is my work car so I work on it profusely week after week.  I am hoping to get this one done by end month so until then here are my plans.  If what you see sounds familiar it probably is, but I won't tell...🤔  Thanks everyone prematurely for the comments and hope to have some good reviews from this build. 
      Rockford Fosgate T2500bdcp
      Rockford Fosgate T-400/4
      Audio Control Matrix
      Crescendo Symphony 5.25" Components
      Rockford Fosgate T1D410's
      Xs Power
      Mechman OFC 1/0
      Singer Alt 
      Pioneer avic 4200NEX HU
    • By anr102990
      Got a Skar DDX 12 dual 2 ohm sub 1000w RMS. Christmas gift. Will be going in my 2005 F150 supercrew. I currently have 2 Alpine SWS 10d4 in a sealed Fox Box under the seat with an MB QUART amp, amp come free with the purchase of the 2 subs so it wasnt a bad deal IMO. That system will be going in my wifes Camry, building slot ported box now for it.  Anyways im looking for a louder setup, but also musical as well. I am capable of building my own enclosure, so any suggestions would be appreciated. I was thinking somewhere around 2.25 to 2.75 cu ft after displacements tuned around 35 hz with a 6" aero port but am open to other designs. I have never had an aero port design, always slot ports and was curious to try it out. i have yet to purchase an amp for the sub and was looking into the Skar RP 1500 wired to 1 ohm but am also aware of box rise...so may save a little more for a bit larger amp. Also would like to add that i will be setting the box on the floor in place of where the smaller portion of the rear seat will fold up, for now anyways. Thanks in advance. 

    • By SpitLantra13
      hello all! I am about to start work on a ported enclosure for a single 12" Rockford Power T1 (T112D4) ill mention some basic criteria i used to reach the current design and include photos of where im at in terms of planning, followed up by my questions. 
      So criteria- space lost to box must be minimal while still offering proper volume for sub. sub must be front firing and either front/side ported. (this is to eliminate any chance of cone damage via stuff in the trunk. also would like a plexi viewing window. amp must be hidden and exposed wiring minimal. (clean look)
      current idea/design- as of now im aiming for a 2 cube (pre sub) aero ported enclosure tuned somewhere between 34-36 depending on input. and id like to venture into vinvl wrapping/ designs.i plan on buildiing the box out of 3/4"MDF , on the back side (trunk side) will be the viewing window and complicated wraps/designs. my questions are as follows 1) if im using 3/4" MDF and i router a 1/4" depth to inlay the design, will that compromise box strength for this single 12? 2) my viewing window will be 10ish inches in diameter, do i need 1/2", 3/4" or 1" thickness? 3) it is entirely possible that i could run the aero port through my rear center armrest into the cabin, effectively making this a blowthrough ,should that be done? thank you in advance for any input.  
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