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I got 5% on mine took it to a guy with some good tint can't see inside but looking out side can see clear even at dark I don't know what brand but it has liftime warrent on it

02 dodge ram 1500 reg cab 3rd gen

2 sundown sd-2 d4

soundstream rub1.2500 amp

all sky high car audio-fuse,fuse holder,wire,ring lugs and rca

flex tech

box design by Joe X

supension-mcgaughys 2in drop spindal ,western chassis 6in flip kit,buddy custom c-notch

04 5.7l hemi motor swap and made it an slt eletric everthing

youtube channel-http://www.youtube.c...43?feature=mhee


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You could do 5% doors, 20% whole windshield, and 5 top and bottom strips. And you can't see in at all. Even with headlights, flashlight, etc. But, I have a wall so only front doors and windshield.

*06 330i - Sundern x12 - saz-3500*

*91 Foxbody V1 S-Trim Notch*

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Looking like i'll do 5% on the front windows and the strip for the visor. With 10-7% on the back windows. I plan on getting some Vinyl's from Carbon very soon after :)

Thanks for all the help though guys.

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