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  1. i need something smaller till i move into my own house parents aren't going to want a huge safe in there house. But want something with room to grow
  2. Was there changes made to the forum? I cant get on on my mac because i use adblock, i added an exception for the url but still wont work. I also cannot use the mobile version on my phone anymore
  3. After Looking it up its a KAK Shockwave Blade... Its what you put on while you are waiting for your SBR stamp to go through LOL https://www.wingtactical.com/firearm-parts/ar-15/buffer-buffer-tubes/kak-shockwave-blade-pistol-stabilizer/ Yup, pistol brace. IF they are waiting for the stamp to clear, then that's ok. I just have seen too many builds where they didn't want to stamp it for some reason. Just seems like cutting a corner at the end of the build. Also for a while alot of people were shoulder the sig brace so there was no real reason to pay $200 tax stamp and wait a year for a form 1 But since atf deemed that as illegal it should start to change back.
  4. The LOL to shallow mount installation made me laugh
  5. Also i bought a complete upper for ym ar pistol build and it definetely looks used. Caseing marks on the deflecter, wear over the part the charging handle rubs against and scratches etc around the rest of the upper. Are uppers typically shot before there shipped?
  6. Do you have other ar-15's with it? Or first one? I'm assuming none. So i'd say atleast have one rifle with it. Better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it
  7. I lowkey wish i would have bought an ak. But at the same time im trying to move to nevada so i'm like really do i need to worry about it right now?
  8. Ok guys i need a tool kit for building ar's aswell as completely stripping them down for cleaning to the bare lower. And for the ar-10 if possible
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