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  1. i did the rca ground the nosie was the same but then it sounded weird like it had no punch to it so I took it off and sounded better
  2. yeah I did hook up both rca but not the phone will do to see it it makes a noise and no when the truck is off no whine
  3. update took my 3.5mm to rca adapter as soon as i hook up 1 rca it whines that's with nothing plug in to the 3.5mm yet just the rca and I know the amp good because I test bench it on a power supply with no whine so I'm leaning more tours the alt being bad even though its works fine.
  4. bad thing is the alt is fairly new I'm going to try unplugging the rca then plug in my 3.5mm to rca straight to my phone to see if it still does it and also reground the radio somewhere else then where the stock location is
  5. update did the rca ground nothing also unplug the antenna still nothing also I think its my alt because i was under the hood an notice the same noise coming from the alt while running if i remember it used to not make a noise until one day I was revving the engine up then I notice the door was whining
  6. it weird if using usb if I pause it, it goes away but everthing else its always their.my sub amp don't make the noise
  7. I love this amp I have the amp alittle over 1/4 up it slaps harder then the t1000bd and the voltage barley drop may be 13.8v is the lowest compare to 12.9v on the rf amp. as for heat I can have it slapping all day and it will barley be warm I have the amp at a angle because the fans and fents are on the bottom
  8. I got a alt whine noise ever since I put the p200-2 its not the amp I had it on my test bench.only in the door speakers, done change my ground thought it was it but still have the noise also put shca rca which I know their good, the wierd thing is when playing music using usb the whine thier but if I pause it the sound gone but if i mute it the whine their could it be the radio ground not good or what.
  9. got the rub1.2500d in an the gain quarter up an slamming the sd-2 10's

    1. MrSkippyJ


      can you explain the relevance of the gain at a 1/4 up?

    2. justin0943


      MrSkippyJ my rf t10001bd died on me which Im planning on getting fix,went ahead an got this amp for my upgrade. I had a guy who wanted to buy the subs but then he was like "aren't those subs shallow " then he was like shallow subs wont hit the lows, if he would have bought them I would gotten 2 ab xfl 10 which are 1000rms each then I would have use the rub1.2500d to it fullest so now I'm trying to sell the sd-2 10 to get them.

  10. finally got my beats back in the truck uploading guts now of the new amp

  11. I missed being loud the rf t10001bd died last week going to cost $165 -$185 to get fix plus the guy 3 weeks behind but on the upside doing some upgrade soon, new system going for 2krms setup

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