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  1. got the rub1.2500d in an the gain quarter up an slamming the sd-2 10's

    1. MrSkippyJ


      can you explain the relevance of the gain at a 1/4 up?

    2. justin0943


      MrSkippyJ my rf t10001bd died on me which Im planning on getting fix,went ahead an got this amp for my upgrade. I had a guy who wanted to buy the subs but then he was like "aren't those subs shallow " then he was like shallow subs wont hit the lows, if he would have bought them I would gotten 2 ab xfl 10 which are 1000rms each then I would have use the rub1.2500d to it fullest so now I'm trying to sell the sd-2 10 to get them.

  2. finally got my beats back in the truck uploading guts now of the new amp

  3. I missed being loud the rf t10001bd died last week going to cost $165 -$185 to get fix plus the guy 3 weeks behind but on the upside doing some upgrade soon, new system going for 2krms setup

  4. thinking about getting 2 sa 10 to replace the sd-2

    1. ToNasty


      Sealed or ported?

    2. justin0943


      I have a box already for the 2 sd-2 10 in the truck its around 3cf ported to 33hz that joex design when I looked the sa and sd-2 have the same port specs

  5. love the retofit projector I did on the truck can see 100x better

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    2. Katt


      Well you shouldn't have a need to roll around with your highbeams on with projectors anyway, unless you're in the country roads all the time lol.

    3. justin0943


      yes I do live on country roads but I'm talking about their flashing me far away

    4. Broke_Audio_Addict


      When you see headlights coming at you you should turn off your highs anyways.

      Just common courtesy.

  6. finally got the projector on the truck an dame its like day and night uploading vid now showing how far the light goes

  7. finally got the system in the truck and it slaps I like to say thanks to Joe X for the design will upload vid of it playing some decaf

  8. did the big 3, soon I'll be loud again

  9. has anyone seen that jon johns is in drug treatment facility for cocaine

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    2. OrionStang


      PEDs should be mandatory, not banned. Would make the fights far more entertaining.

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict


      They were legal till recently.

    4. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      Nothing will make UFC fights very entertaining until they stop all that "Respect my opponents" shit and start fighting. I will say the Cerrone fight and the Jones fights were good. I only liked the Cerrone fight because of how he was kicking the guy in the ass.

  10. who else is getting the new cod game I live in GA an I'm getting it tonight

    1. Baydestrian


      getting it in the mail from Amazon tomorrow for my One....too bad i gotta work all day

    2. Pasta Prime

      Pasta Prime

      Damn is that out already? I was hoping to have a One by now.

    3. justin0943


      got mind on 11/3/14 at 12am its the day zero edition its sweet so far

  11. just install the rf R1675X2 they sound wonderful will upload video

  12. just bought some more stuff from shca, I think I need help

  13. just order some shca stuff spool 1/0,20 ring terminal shrink, and rca cable now to get a new box design

  14. sold my truck today its a sad day for me had that think since high school

  15. who else wants Sonic Electronix to bench test the new dual low profile amps they look good on the inside but I want the see results

  16. got another truck today for a smoking deal 02 dodge ram 3rd gen reg cab. I got some plans for it in the future.

  17. finnaly got my external hdd case I now have 160gb for the radio

    1. justin0943


      I heard not to go pass 200gb right now I got 20gb+ music and the external hdd case has 3 ended usb one plugs to the hdd one for power and the other for data an it takes 1min to load, even with my class 10 sd 8gb it takes 20sec and it only has 4gb of music it just the new pioneer takes a while to load I'm going to do a video showing the difference between the old and the new radios

  18. got a new phone which is the droid maxx just did a video with it to see how it likes bass, uploading now

  19. one of my co-worker came to me today an said he was going to run 2 boss audio 12's and amp the only thing I could do was turn around and walk away

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    2. mgameforever01


      right it would of been better to give good advice, it would make him much happier in long run ( depending if he took it lol)

    3. justin0943


      no I did but he didn't won't to listen I told him boss was crap hell I told him kicker was better but then he said he clamp test the boss 3k he said it did 3300 rms but I call bull on that

  20. just for the hell of it I had a 2.5 160gb hdd put music on it hook it to the radio usb it plays fine so I might have a 160gb storge of music and music video now

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    2. justin0943
    3. f150on33s


      haha damn i should have figured that.

    4. justin0943


      yelp just uploaded the video

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