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  1. I get that once in a while. Just gotta keep refreshing the page till it works. I seen you come in, then directly left afterward.
  2. 12V Charges at 14, 14 Charges at 16, 16 charges at 18. Are you talking straight up swap of 12v batts to 14, and charging at 16? Its been done, some cars can handle, some i wouldn't even attempt.. All comes down to the vehicle. Hell, i think dbDon, is doing 18v daily? Or it maybe 16? Not sure on that one. or, Add 2nd alt, do a complete different charging system, stock 12v, then 14v for the sub amps. Details man! details!!
  3. And you bumped a bumped thread, that was last bumped a year ago..
  4. Why the fuck didn't I think of this?! I already had the gasket off and everything when I was building. I'd do that as a last resort, as you're tracing, the gasket would move, and mess your circle up. At least mine always have.
  5. Basically, everything right here, is why its so good. Just a major improvement from previous GTA's. But the Multiplayer, is what's gonna really set it off, and top it, i believe.
  6. This, and even though they would end the same performance wise, wouldn't it be better for more current spread over 6 3100s rather then 4 7500s? Even though they can handle it, i still feel even the load out more?
  7. While playing, or just normal idling, nothing playing?
  8. I'd love to see a side by side comparison next to a d3100. If there's a pic, must of missed it. Fuckers huge though.
  9. What makes the lc1 so much better than a normal bass knob? The LC1 is a In-RCA-Line Potentiometer i believe. So all it does is change the flow. I cant really explain it. Except it doesnt suck like a gain knob. lol.
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