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  1. I think so, all the loans hes taken on baskets and recones have taken its toll, and he gave up lol.
  2. There's 2 stations I can get E85 within 3 miles of me. But it's different for everyone. I'm sure a lot of people live right next to an airport.Still, E85 is much cheaper than race gas or aviation gas, even if you account for the 30% more you'll use. My brother runs it in his 'vette and gains .2 to .3 ET in the 1/4. He had to change his injectors, some of his fuel lines, and reprogram his ECU I think to do it. Says he still gets 20mpg on the highway. E85 is great if you can get it, especially for boosted applications. Alcohol is fun too, which you could make yourself if you have the time and feedstock. You guys are kind of missing the point that e85 is not all actually e85 and even the stuff that is there are different blends of it. Its tested the same as any other fuel. Whatever it says at the pump its inspected so that it is actually running that amount. It shouldn't or can't say e85 on it and be e10. Just like if I filled up at a 87 pump it can't be 70 octane . Each state has a weights and measures body on top of regulating gas stations in almost every state. E85 varies between 105 and 115 so tell me again how you know what you are getting when the pump just says e85? Might actually help if you knew what you were talking about. Thankfully you know what you're talking about, and you understand / i understand each other. And im not in this war lol. Anytime you tune your vehicle on that e85 that is in your tank, on kill mode, You have to measure what you're putting in your tank to match what was in there. Because if its less octane then what was in there before, you're asking for a blown motor due to too much timing. This is what my tuner told me when i asked about an e85 tune. I don't have the time to sit around and go to each e85 pump station, and measure the gas they have there, so ill stick with 93, with 10% ethanol. That's how it is around here.
  3. Thank you. Fucking thank you. Especially around here its even more expensive. From what i've heard, in simple terms, 100 is just "watered down" jet fuel anyway.
  4. Well, i guess if you like throwing money at it go ahead. Not everyone has money to throw like that, but whatever. My siemens deka 80lbs are enough for my setup, to run e85. And didn't break the bank either. But spending a shit ton, from like injector dynamics, no thanks. Not everyone also has pumps around them with good e85 also, especially if you daily your car....then go on a trip. Hell, i know from here to stl, theres not many good e85 pumps. Especially for my buddy's 773hp cobra, when they went to street car takeover...dont want cheap shit either.
  5. And you need double the injector also, which is even more money, to run e85...unless we're not talking race car stuff here. lol.
  6. 100 Octane turbo blue is 7.59/gal here...fuck that. Fuck em both lol.
  7. I read something about e85 and some people using it. Don't use it, Unless you drive a new flex fuel vehicle, If you run it, and you don't have a vehicle that will tune for it on its own, don't even bother. Its gonna run like absolute shit. You can run a 20/80 mix, and help clean out your system, as its alcohol based. But no more then that really. I tried the whole E85 craze, as im driving a supercharged foxbody, Yeah i felt a major difference in power, due to a higher octane, and a lower intake air temp charge, but the 5-8mpg i got with it was just fucking stupid. The tuning i had to do with it, was just fucking stupid as well, and it never ran right. Yeah it smelled fucking amazing when i drove it, and i burned so much, i could shoot out flames and what not, But my god...the headache is not worth its price per gallon. At all. I'll stick to 93 only, and get my bit better 10-12mpg. LOL. Oh, and its not always e85 at the pump either, It vary's. So you SHOULD test it each time you put it in your vehicle, if its specifically tuned for that rated of E85. Like it could be E85, E70, etc. So whatever you tune it for, you have to stay in that rating of E85.
  8. Add another to the list, who's fucking useless and needs shot, or thrown in jail.
  9. Wider angle bulbs is what you need. Had the same issue on my motorcycle and switched them out for wider angle bulbs, problem solved. You probably have some backwards lol. I would of tested before i put it back together. Also, these are what you need, They shine in each direction. I have 6? in my dashboard in my fox, and its wicked bright. Even blue LEDs with a green backface, it shines through blue with no green tint. http://www.ebay.com/itm/20-PCS-Super-White-T10-Wedge-5-SMD-5050-LED-Light-bulbs-W5W-2825-158-192-168-194-/201331107137?hash=item2ee044e541&vxp=mtr
  10. She called and said she was off her period. He said aint nothing stopping that freight train destined to pound town. Toot toot.
  11. Soooo glad im not the only one who understands...Had a few break exactly like that!
  12. Its nice isnt it? I have less then what these kids have out there in my car and i can keep up if not pull on them all mwuahaha.
  13. I went from NGK V Power to Autolite Racing copper, And i love the switch, Wont buy them NGKs again. 1 Heat range colder, e85 and boooooost lol. So if you can, get autolite copper racing. You'd like em. Japanese is better then Chinese, imo.
  14. I use to mod these games a few years ago. Spent most of my 15-18 year doing this, non-stop. Check out truckmodshop.proboards.com. I'd get the shaders / reflections fixed on the truck fixed. And screw California. I love being able to dump flames and burn fuel my supercharged fox, thank god i don't live there.
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