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powermax usa alts ?..

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well..just noticed the lights diming last night for the first time ever..cap was reading 14.5 to 11 when bass hit..but the cap volt meter is off a bit..never went down past 12.5 before..these amps are 600 rms..but pretty sure they are hitn over 700+ apiece..old school PG amps

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be prepared for the possibility of 0 idle output and voltage fluctuations if the regulator cant keep up with the varying loads your stereo, lights, etc put on it. lol when i played e-40, the regulator didnt know what the fuck it was doing and i literally saw 16v on the volt meter and as low as 12v. repeatedly. in the matter of seconds. not to mention the turn-on speed of that alt was like 900 engine rpm...and when my car was warm i was around 700rpm at the red lights. not charging ftw.

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Good luck with that then. When you get it, before you put it in, take it over to advance auto/autozone and have them put it on their bench and let us know what it does.

This ^

Would be awesome to see what kind power it is producing.

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'Brandon15zzz', on 09 May 2012 - 3:13 PM, said:snapback.png

May have been clipping but none fucks were givin.

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No, at least your factory does rated and is not going to shit out on you when it's only 2 months old.. You have to remember how much stress these things go through..

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Oh, and keep the tools and stock alt in the vehicle so that in case the new one shits out on you, you can at least change it out in a parking lot lol.

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You would do better by seeing if there is an OEM replacement that has higher output.

Some cars like crown vic and some mini vans have like 3 different alts depending on which model you own.

I would also like to see how that eBay alt tests and see how it is doing in 6 months

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Yes. Its a crap alternator. Thats the end of story. Save your money.


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A Real Voltmeter not a piece of shit stinger.

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