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sundown x 12s surround vs glue

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as some of you know i had a pair of sundown x 12s in a nasty 4 order of of a trunk,

i have taken the 4 th order out along with the x 12s , and its disappointing to say that the surrounds where coming off, spiders where coming off all around in several areas,

im a huge fan of sundown and love there products..

glad i pulled them out and threw some glue on them and fixed them up i later sold them local and the buyer understood and was fine with glue repairs, however i lost a good but because of it.

i understand that the issue was/is being fixed in the build house.

this is not me bashing this is just saying if you own x series subs id recommend taking them out and checking the surrounds and spider.

edit: i was not over powering them, clipping them. all gains where set with a dd-1 with 0 distortion. as you can see in the video i ran a dc 2k

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the first run of subs had issues and sundown has since addressed those issues I believe. My friend had the same issue, first run had some sort of clear glue, the ones he got back was black glue and it was splattered all over the place to make sure nothing let loose haha. Hasn't had an issue since.

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It's a well-known problem at the moment. They are taking care of it I believe.

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I'm glad it was recognized and taken care of, these are going to be/already are very popular subs and it's a tad bit disappointing to here that they had problems

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