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  1. samsung really dropped the ball with the s6 non removable battery and non expandable storage, i'm sure that was a selling point for lots of people. I'm not trying to pay an extra 100 dollars for every upgrade in storage.
  2. Could a dealer on here please PM me, need pricing on a couple subs.
  3. Same with my pops, 63 years old and let's just say he hasn't taken care of his body too well since he was young and he picked up smoking at 43, about 1 year ago he fainted in the kitchen out of nowhere and busted his head open pretty good, they did a 24 hour ekg on his heart and they said it looks and is functioning just like an other 63 year old heart, they said he basically had a very minor stroke. Scary part is shit Like that runs in his family so now I'm terrified to ever leave his side since God knows what can happen and when it can
  4. I love the smell of a drag car running with 114-116 octane fuel, the damn fuel is pink haha
  5. some asshole destroyed my phone out of anger, filed a police report, it's a misdemeanor criminal mischief, if he refuses to get this settled in person, what are my options? Anyone help me out? I'm assuming small claims court but i'd rather not deal with that. And no i'm not gonna kick his ass.

  6. feels nice to take legal action on someone instead of physical action

  7. A friend of mine did like 6 scenes a couple months ago and now she works at a hooters type restaurant in my town. She still doesn't know that I know she's a "pornstar" LOL
  8. Can already tell i'm gonna hate this new Call Of Duty with its whole super ultra mega jumping thing that it has, just like titanfall and destiny. Why can't we just run and jump like normal people dammit?

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    2. Lbox88


      People are still playing COD?

      They're still making new COD games?

    3. Kyblack76


      not even surprised..... havent been worth a turd in years.... Glad i sold my consoles...

    4. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      Don't forget halo. That's what I was I was thinking seeing the commercials.

  9. Yes, series tuned 6th order. and yes 1 4500 @ .7 fi coils so 1ohm. awww shit, what's the plan for power on the long run? 4 4500's or 2? regardless man, sick fucking build, loving it!
  10. ladies and gentlemen take note, structural integrity is the key to a properly built and extremely loud enclosure. Can't wait to see this thing playing!
  11. FUCK YOU PAYPAL, I don't need to provide proof of my SS, I clearly typed in the last 4 of my social just as they appear on my SS card. Now I have to wait for this shit to be resolved.....

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    2. _paralyzed_


      I've had pay-pal cloned phishing attempts...

    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      ^ Listen to him, I got fucked this way ^

    4. Skax


      i just quit messing with paypal cause they always wanna pull some stupid shit lol

  12. FOR FUCKS SAKE. STOP QUOTING FUCKING PICTURES. Getting real tired of thinking the random picture post has been updated with more random shit but instead it's the same fucking long picture quoted 4 fucking times. Yes i'm fucking mad.
  13. What should my port area, and port area per foot be at ? 12-14? 12-14 is a good general rule of thumb.
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