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  1. Haha it does look really big in the photo. Its not that big honestly, sundown requires so much port area though...
  2. finished my box today, for a custom SA ultra 12 thanks @ Hunter Martin
  3. what amp will you use, and what are your max dimensions, also what kind of car do you have
  4. exactly, and if your special you may be able to get dealer prices
  5. most likely rebadged, going to be very similar to the 2.7 maxwell caps. probably more money too. not hating! maybe this will get more people to look into caps
  6. anyone else getting kinda pissed that alot of people in the community are trying to sell decals of there name or something to do with them.
  7. my other hobby, amateur pro jet ski racer... got 2nd overall this recent race (750 dollars )
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