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Using Dual xpr520 for 2 12's?

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bridging the amp to 2 ohms? you'll probably smoke the amp.

it has a 30 amp fuse. so its good for like 150x2 at 2 ohms. or 300x1 at 4 ohms.

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Straight from the owners is your friend.

Speaker Connections

Connect speaker wires observing polarity. The minimum impedance load for the XPR520 is 2 ohms stereo and 4 ohms bridged. Use of loads lower than these is not recommended and may cause amplifier damage. The XPR520 can be wired for stereo, bridged or stereo/bridged simultaneous operation.

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    • By gmoxley1
      Alright so I've had my amp (saz-1200D) for about 2 years now and I recently sold my old subs to a friend to help pay for my new subs. I just got one of my new subs (SA-12 D4) in the mail. So I take it out the box set it in the truck and wire it up in parallel, positive to positive and negative to negative and check it with a cheap handheld meter and got almost exactly 2 ohms. When I went to play music I had almost zero output. I thought there was no output until I went in and changed my sub level to max just to see if it would move and it just barely vibrates.
      What's weird though ia that my SMD OM-1 shows everything is output wise at the volume level I listen at. Nothing has been changed since the last subs were in place.
      Any suggestions on where to start? Thanks!!
    • By cheatcode
      I hate to ask for help. I've been googling my face off reading/researching/etc and I can't figure it out. I've come to the conclusion that my amp isn't getting enough power but I don't think there's anything wrong with my power wire/fuses/blocks/terminals/grounds. The signal coming out my HU is clean and it's clean going into my amp.
      Here is my current setup

      Signal going into my amp

      Here is what happens when I try to set my gains

    • By Purdy
      Alright guys, so my boy Chauncy did a full tune for me, meter,clamps, scope, the works. I am currently running a AB Phantom 4k 2 15's wired to 1ohm. After all the tuning and testing my heart was broken. I'm doing a 145, BUT after box rise the amp is seeing 5.1 Ohms, meaning my subs are only seeing about 280 Watts each and are rated for 1100 each. Full potential not even close to being recognized, I have to change this. So I am going to piss everyone off and go with a Brazilian amplifier, this is where I need help. I would like to get an 8k but from what I've researched a 5k will get me real close to giving the subs full RMS power. I'm looking at the Stetsom 5k's there is a model that is 1 Ohm stable and 1 that is 2 Ohm stable. At 4 Ohms the 2 Ohm model actually makes more power, but would I have an issue with it only being 2 Ohm stable given that my subs are wired to 1. Will the amplifier actually ever see below 2 say at low volume etc..? Thanks in advance gents.
    • By Mike Shea
      12.9" Ipad Pro
      Sony RSX-GS9
      Mosconi 8 to 12 Aerospace
      Mosconi Zero3
      Mosconi Zero4 x2
      Focal Utopia 8" x2
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      Focal K2P Tweet x4
      JL 12TW3 x3
      XS Power D6500 x2
      Mechman Alternators x2
      SMD Split Distribution Block

    • By BigDWiz
      I'm guessing many of you here are not interested in the test (not enough powa), but I'm betting a few are. Yes, this amp is a bit expensive (price per watt), but some people need something to power one or two subs and want it to be easily hidden. This tiny XD600/1 is smaller than a piece of paper and can fit in some pretty tight places. Either way, here is the video and results:
      Rated @ 4 ohms - 300/400w (12.5/14.4Vdc)
      Rated @ 2 ohms - 500/600w (12.5/14.4Vdc)
      See Video on YouTube in 1080p or embedded below:
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