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Running my amp at lower impedance than it's meant for?

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Clamp tested how?

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did you use an oscilloscope or dd-1 when clamping? if not, you're probably clipping the amp to get those numbers.

and yes amps can literally catch on fire. my audiopipe did that.

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Oh its a two channel? Lmao. It'd really gonna love being ran at 2 ohm mono.


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Ok so I'm no noob and I know its every rookies mistake to try and push their equipment just past what its recomended. But... I recently had my amp clamp tested by a friend and we dropped it down to 2ohm mono for kicks (only 4Ohm stable) and it belted out just a hair under 1kw! Not bad for an amp that's only rated at 300w rms x 1 lol. I should mention the amp is an old school MTX Thunder amp notoriously known to being underrated and built like tanks.

So channeling the teenager within I've proceded to start running the ampgetting at 2Ohms mono for the last month and it's been awesome! I told myself this is stupid and if it starts to run hotter than normal or goes into thermal protection I'm going to knock it off and go back to running it @ 4ohms. But the thing is it hasn't. It just performs like its meant to be run like that.

-Is this giving me a faulse sense of security?

-If it were under strain would I know it? Would it be obvious?

-Are there amps out there that run lower than recomended all day with no problem?

-If I do fry it by doing this, will it be repairable?


I'm just going to let you know now that I am an asshole, so don't get mad at me when I ask this but if you aren't a "noob" why would you ask these "noob" questions?

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@chris hammer

My fiend clamp tested it with a volt meter and amp meter. We did an alpine mrp m1000 amp at the same time and got 1008w rms so it seems like a fairly accurate method

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You hear that????

That's a category 5 shit storm coming

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Rolex you sicken me.


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