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  1. Homeless or pro thief? The headlamp on his head makes me think pro, his dress makes me think homeless
  2. Heres the one I bought for a review I'll be doing on 13cgunreviews.com They are also on youtube and facebook I joined then as a writer recently and will be contributing. My comment is the November 8th one https://grabagun.com/remington-1911-1911-45acp-5-8rd-blk-ehanced-tb.html Up untill last week it was $599 and EXCELLENT value in a suppressor host. I am sitting on 900 rounds with no issue and it sounds great with a can.
  3. I've got stamps pending on a Sig SRD556QD, SRD762 Direct Thread and a Mask. Wont see those till 2019 though.
  4. Just as you said, unless your looking for the tightest group possible, I'd just buy whatever is cheapest. .22 is for fun, but with the right setup can be a great training tool as well if thats what you need it for. Kyle, also look at Brownells for ammo sales. CCI standard was and probably still is on sale for $24.99 a brick and free shipping about twice a month on orders over $49 Academy Sports also has some great deals on 9mm ammo from time to time Haha, ya.... I bought the Rimfire Precision just to see what it could do. For $400 its fun! Plus my brother got one too so we have a blast together. We bought them hoping he'll try and shoot some Know Your Limit matches with me. I did a trigger job on it and got it down to 13oz. And put a $3K+ scope on it!!!! lol @moh Don't stress about the ammo. CCI Standard worked best in MY particular gun. A bolt action .22 is much different than your semi auto pistol. Your pistol most likely needs a round with a little more power to cycle the slide properly. Remember your gun needs to use some of the energy of the cartridge to propel a slide that weighs XXX ozs against a recoil spring that is rated at XXX lbs. Most semi auto anythings guns in .22lr have a hard time cycling standard velocity ammo and almost never cycle sub sonic ammo correctly. If mini-mag is whats recommended to make a SR22 run reliably then don't look back, and enjoy it!
  5. What up Kyle! hope all is good with you. You got it man, just here doing my thing. Not out of audio completely but you know what my 1st love is! If you need me just give me a PM or text. my # hasnt changed. Nate will square you up too! CCI standard has proven to be an excellent value between accuracy and price lately. @ $25 a brick it cant be beat. But with that said you gotta try different things in the gun to see what it likes. Below is my RPR target along with ammo i shot for groups. The target is comprised a of four 1" squares making a box 2" x 2", 10 shot groups
  6. Hey Big D, I think I'm ready to start cutting loose the majority of my old school amp collection. In your opinion what's the best way to go about it? eBay, forums, Craigslist???? I'm looking to get the most out of the collection. The first sale I was thinking of doing as a lot. Is it better to go individual pieces? Any help would be appreciated. thanks. btw, here's what I plan on cutting loose first: two 500m's with both sets of end caps one punch link one psd-1 two OEM 500m to PSD-1 adapters
  7. The Gemtech stuff I got through a defense contractor at a great LEO/MIL price. I've seen SiCo's program and it wasn't all that great. I fell into some GREAT AAC pricing and I couldn't pass it up. All were bought after August 2017 as an Individual so I should see the 1st of the stamps coming through this month and then steady pick ups through out the 1st half of the year. i have plans for a few Sig and Dead Air cans this year but my tax return is going to a pair of Dan Wesson Discretion 1911's. One in 9mm and the other in .45. I may even cut loose one of my .338 Lapuas to make room for something else.
  8. Suppressors purchased in 2017 1 Gemtech One 1 Gemtech GM45 1 Gemtech GM22 1 AAC Tirant 9M 5 AAC Tirant 45 3 AAC 762SDN6 2 AAC Element 2
  9. lol working my ass off lately. Between the job, wife and two daughters I've been swamped. I have managed to buy in the last few months.... Gemtech Trilogy Package 5x TiRant .45's 1x Tirant 9M 1x Sandman Ti 1x Sig SRD 762QD 1x Dead Air MAsk so now it's time to sell a few things. Otherwise things have been well, just busy. Hope all you guys are doing well. I'll be on a little more within the next few weeks
  10. Whats a fair price to ask for a NIB DC 175.4?

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    2. Keith77


      Damn things are $600 now

    3. Skullz


      Depends on how fast you want to sell it.

      Price it to sell and it will go, price to get as much of your money back, and it might take a whole lot longer.

    4. ROLEXrifleman


      Thanks for the info guys.

      Been working my ass off lately. You know how that goes!

  11. I have a few NIB Vortex scopes if anyone is interested. Viper HS LR 4-16x44 BDC reticle Viper 6.5-20x50 BDC reticle Viper HS LR 2.5-10x32 First Focal Plane XLR reticle hit me up
  12. Let me guess, that dent is being made by the bottom of the bolt coming to a stop on top of the round? The issue is the the gun short stroking. 1st thing i would do is run the bolt a little more lubed. I bet it's kinda dry right now. .308's are very different in how they like to run compared to 556 guns. Odds are the lube should handle it, if not short stroking can be caused by both over and under gassing. I that case it's a different method of trouble shooting. Run the bolt wet then check back in
  13. Ya, I'm thinking once the shoulder is blown out we can ask the dr. If titanium, as, or some other exotic material is available for the replacement
  14. Standard rear end but it's gonna get swapped out. The ace failed. It's a 1st gen socom and not handling the recoil. Gonna find a new stock and go stiffer recoil spring and an H1 buffer
  15. I'll let my brother know he's an idiot for trusting me. yup, no brake. I wanted this to be a shoulder wrecker. This is with 350gr pills. I have 500gr on the way and looking for 600 and 700 gr now besides a shoulder I wanna see what other parts fail on the build
  16. btw, shoulder is feeling up to it along with the stamp coming in so should have video of the 7" .50 by the end of the weekend
  17. its funny how by the time your paperwork clears the suppressor technology in it will be outdated! lol I have 3 form 1's two from April and 1 from July, still waiting myself
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