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The Super Duty (bumper build in process)

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What tools did you use to find those angles for the tubing? Like welding the angle piece to the top piece so it sits flush?

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Looking good like that bumper can't wait to see it finished. Wish I knew how to weld.

On 3/28/2014 at 4:22 PM, KyLar96 said:

Its all about the music anyway..... Do a proper install, something your happy with, Fuck everyone else...... improve in time, where you can..... its not rocket science...

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The first things that came to mind about the bumper as you add plates, is just to keep tabs on catch points so water won't pool in areas and that you have access to the light in case a rock or something smashes it and you have to replace it down the road.

Good call. Didn't think about water. Lol
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