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So the red 740 turbo is going's the replacement! 



The 740 was such a good car to me over these last 5 years.



Car is still running. Updates on last page.
Current setup:
1990 740 Turbo
Stock engine/AC/AW-71 trans/IC/rear end
Phenolic intake mani spacers
Modded airbox
240T copper rad
T5 injectors
MBC @~12psi
IPD/TME cat-back
Azev Type A's (5x108 17x8.5 front 17x9.5 rear)
Stock springs cut waaay too much
IPD upper/lower brace & front/rear sways
SuperPro poly bushings up front
#hella beat in the trunk


The system:
-Alpine CDE-147BT head unit
-Rockford Fosgate Punch 6.5" components in the front doors
-Rockford Fosgate Punch 5.5" components in the rear doors
-2 12" RE Audio SX Series subs
-Kicker DX1000.1 running the subs
-Alpine 240.4 running the doors
-Box designed and built by Kerry from Modesto. Tuned to ~35hz
-Stock Volvo 100amp alternator and new Volvo battery. Big three
-Nvx and GT Mat sound deadening in the entire trunk, rear shelf, and rear seat

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Older volvo, check. Turbo older volvo, check. Some beat, check.

Tuned in, check :)

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welcome to the forum! Nice wiring job on those amps! Keep the pics coming :)

Thanks! Big fan! I appreciate you checking out the build.

Older volvo, check. Turbo older volvo, check. Some beat, check.

Tuned in, check :)

Thanks man. Glad to see another volvo guy on the forum. I thin you'll like my 242 even more!

One of my favorite parts of the setup is the port. We couldn't center it perfectly, but Kerry designed the box to have zero port noise and give me a useable trunk.


I daily drive this car, and a requirement I had when putting this together was having a bad ass system and a trunk that can be used.


Trunk full of groceries! I am so happy to be able to scramble my eggs before I get home!


A very important part of our design was to mount the box safely. My father and I have seen a lot wrecked cars with sub boxes that have caused further damage and injuries in severe wrecks. The brackets are made from leftover conduit from a home improvement project. I bent the ends in a vice and rounded them off with the grinder. After a little black spray paint they looked pretty decent! Luckily we had enough acorn nuts to make the hardware on the amp board and the box brackets match.



I realixed I haven't added pictures of the doors yet! The plan was to keep things looking fairly stock to prevent theft and keep the system stealthy. Stock speaker grills were trimmed to fit the speakers, and a hole saw was employed to fit the tweeters. The deck, when closed, also blends well with the 90's dash.



I shot a few pictures at the car wash this weekend. For the record, I know the seats are torn up. This car was purchased from an elderly woman with a dog that aggressively sheds and tore seats. These seats will change if/when I decide to keep these 740's.



Have to keep the basics in the trunk!


Thanks for tuning in guys. Im going home on leave this weekend, so expect an update!

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pics of the 242! I want one so bad, but like I mentioned...slammed into the dirt!

The install is so slick and flush, clean and simple. It's great.

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Hey guys. Bumping for personal motivation. I found pictures of the build and finally did the 'Big Three" upgrade. Ill post some pictures soon!

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Im looking into replacing the factory battery with something aftermarket. Id like to just bolt it in. Anyone with more knowledge than me have a suggestion for a good aftermarket battery upgrade?

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I will try to embed this vid tonight when I get home. I just got the car back on the road yesterday and took her out to make sure everything was still working. Pretty happy for 1000w!

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Big update! I found some build pics!

The car when I first brought it home. I literally paid for the car, drove it ten minutes home, and tore everything out to start on the stereo!


I did what we all do, and laid out most of my new toys and took a picture lol. I ended up selling the MB Quart amp in the back to a friend and using my Kicker DX1000.1 instead.



A look at the factory speaker mounting. Drilled out the rivets and then mounted the new speaker. Now that I have done some learning on this site, I am removing the door panels and sound deadening the doors, as well as making an MDF ring on the back side of the panel to give the speaker something more secure to mount to.



The inside of the doors are pretty easy to access, so expect a sound deadening update when money allows!


Speaking of sound deadening....Did the trunk lid with expanding foam in the bracing and used the GT Mat in the open areas


I didn't know much about sound dampening in cars, and I was limited on the amount I purchased, so there isn't 100% coverage in the trunk. I was going for eliminating rattles, and from the rear seat to the tail lights Im 99% rattle free. With more funding the rest of the car will be done if I keep it. In the meantime though...Im not that annoying license plate rattle at the stop light!




Test fitting the box


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My friend already had an RE Audio sub in his car, which convinced me to go with them in the first place. He agreed to trade me his RE for my Type R, so I only had to buy one when I started the build.


My friend cody testing out the deck and making sure we have some sound from the amps.


My daughter with my dad, learning all about the garage!


At first I was just going to mount the amps to the box, but when I realized how compact the Kicker amp was...

Starting on the amp board.


Making progress...



Figuring out how to keep the wires sitting nicely behind the board. Didn't want a total rat's nest! There are 2 distrubution blocks on the back of the board being fed by 0/1 gauge power and ground wire, and turning into 4 gauge wire for the amps.


I know I know...this isn't DC Audio amp porn, but we all start somewhere Right? The original amps in my build:


Hooked up and testing...


Working out the wiring, its cleaner now


Those of you that are observant may be wondering why there is a Pioneer amp in these pictures. I started the build with this amp, but ended up chasing down what I though was a blown speaker. I never figured out if it was my mistake, or a bad amp, but the Pioneer ended up having a "bad" channel that was cutting out and giving lots of static. I ended up replacing it with the Alpine you see in the earlier pictures (sorry these aren't in chronological order).

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