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  1. Put my box in the wagon for yuks. Slaps but sounds terrible Took it out to try something else. This IS the work wagon after all
  2. There are a lot of 1-year-only quirks to that car and I'm over it ? Plus I may or may not have hoon'd it to death ? The wagon is coming along. Got the microphone placed and installed some speakers I found in a Volvo at the junkyard a few years ago ? Better than the stock speakers by a long shot so far. Got into my amp collection and pulled these out. Probably going to put them in my Roommate's Volvo 240 for the year just to get them going for a while
  3. The wagon received my Alpine head unit from the red car, along with lighted window switches
  4. A local friend hooked me up with a coin tray for my 740, so I fixed (and then cut up ) the dash trim to fit the tray a little further back. Took the 740 out to 2 separate car meets Played with an ATS while taking a shortcut through Mexico to the next meet Made it out for the end of the second meet On the day-to-day grind..the master cylinder I put in the 744 failed, so I decided to try my hand at rebuilding the old one I had pulled out. Mid-project as of this post, so we'll see how it works
  5. Thanks bsneon98! I think it's a fairly generic Foam Cannon from amazon on our pressure washer Both the cars are running this morning Waiting for the next thing to break I *might* have Dad talked into selling me the wagon for good. Hoping to get it squared away before winter. For now, the mad scientist (my roommate) brought home these ramps from his parent's place. And now he is doing electrical wizardry Another off topic addition to the garage ? I don't have a Volvo problem...you have a Volvo problem Tried the ramps out today with much success Back on the road
  6. I drilled a hole in the lower radiator hose to make for easy/lazy draining Spal install is underway. Using stainless hardware and Spal wiring. The clearance is SO much better. Stopped at Kruse/Lucas Imports to get some finishing parts ? All new Volvo hose clamps and a mix of all new coolant hoses from Gates and Uro.
  7. Rear brakes today They were in MUCH better shape than the fronts. Old vs new on the right Old rotor The pads I replaced were Textar. Cant complain about the way they wore. Don't remember the rotor brand Did a complete brake fluid flush. Fluid is clear now. Here is some of what came out :omg:
  8. A round of showers for all my friends! ? Got bored and made a place for the pressure washer nozzles with my drill and some HF grommets Upper radiator hose 'sploded on the wagon and got the nice clean engine bay all dirty. No worries though, replaced the hose. Going to top it off w/ coolant and clean out the bay Rear brakes ?
  9. Took a break from the car for a few days to catch up on the house. Got a pile of parts setup for the next round. Tranny mount, non-hydraulic motor mounts, rear brakes. I need to put tires on the car before winter which means new wheels ?
  10. I was leaving my parent's house just as my uncle pulled up. The neighborhood probably thinks we run some bizarre Volvo trafficking ring (there are 2 more in the driveway) ?
  11. I know this is a car audio forum, but do your maintenance! ? On a side note..the Pizza Hut logo looks like a little 740
  12. Pads and rotors were thoroughly used Greased the floating caliper pins (before pics, forgot to take finished/cleaned pics)
  13. Another day, another repair ? Front brakes, possibly RF spindle damage from an pothole old hit Keep on wrenchin'...Volvo Life ? At least the trunk still works as a trunk ?
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