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A little bit of Big Oki´s Home-Cinema...

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hi there!

i feel a bit bad not to post here very often, but sometimes its just difficult in life...however...

during the winter i worked (together with some friends) on my "cinema" room.

or i better call it "media-wellness" room...lol

as some know, i use home equipment as well as car audio equipment for home applications.

I basically have "2" home cinema rooms. "Cinema 2" list may come later,

but ther eI also have a double bass aray with 4 15" subs from JBL (old school JBL 1500GTI

MAY replaced by 4 Stroker Pro 15 one day. have them laying here around since years :) )

Front speakers are powered by a little "Spark" tube amp...

so my final setup is coming closer and so far i have working in "Cinema 1":

Projectors JVC X90, Epson TWH2000 (for "smaller" movies, haha)

microperforated motorscreen (spalluto design grand cinema) with 3,2meters width.

and a 60" Plasma for regular TV or disc extras or whatever...


DENON 4520 AV receiver (mainly used as pre amp, just the 4 back and 2 height speakers are connected)

several media players like popcorn, TVIX and ZAPPITI (Dune)

old school CD player from Technics (770 model) what i own since 1988 and i think its still superior to newer ones...

Nakamichi DRAGON tapedeck (for nostalgic reasons) as well as Nakamichi ST7D tuner

Sony old school DVD player from 1995

several other devices like Super VHS, Laserdisc player and of course my PC (5960x processor and gtx 9 series)

Some Playstations too with Logitech wheel and seat...(unfortunately not used very often at the moment)

Infinity Kappa 9a Front speakers (own them since 1994 and modified them for active sub use)
Stroker 12 and one more Pinocchio as center speaker, just if I have friends visiting, besides that, center is USELESS!
16 (SIXTEEN) old school Stroker 18" in a double Bass Array of 8 front and 8 back woofers (of course seperate DSP controlled channels)
Oh, and they work in SEALED enclosures! thats for sound quality purposes. since i have enough of them, i dont need ported
or bandpass or whatever. on the pictures you still see the vents, what are closed now.
TRICOM PINOCCHIO 2 way speakers (developed by a friend of mine) for surround sound
later there will be magnetostatic speakers too if my friend has them developed finally. but they will not replace
my kappas. it will be just an addition.



1x Adcom GFA 4702 on the Infinity´s mid/high section

2x Zapco Studio 500 bridged for the 4 12" Kappa subs


Zapco 4KW for the 16 Strokers ;)

What else did you expect???

Center (if needed):

Sony XM2000R.

One channel for mid/high, one channel for the 12" Stroker


I am thinking about using 2 Studio 300X for the Kappa subs instead,

or connecting them to the surrounds...the 300X parts were "handselected"

by robert zeff himself back in the days. so they are special to me of course.

well, thats about it. if i forgot something, i may add later :)

sure the room was planned looong ago. i did choose the carpet

for sound reasons and also i did some tests with the curtains.

its about the "hall times" and echos. doesnt have to be too much or too less.

i can take the curtains away for sure because i dont want to live in a black hole :)

but it sounds good and natural and "life like". i MAY look into diffusors and absorbers,

but i will not need very much. for the sub part, i needed the double bass array

because of the room modes. couldnt eliminate them completely, but thanks to a very

good dsp with allpass filters, i get them handled.

dont think i blast myself away in there. it sure goes loud and not only

my house shakes ;) (and rattles, more and more unfortunately)

but i like to have that "easiness" in sound and the old strokers first millimeter(s) are the best.

i tuned the amps with the infinitys and bypassed the old passive crossover "mess" (but its still in there

and can be connected on demand) and do that active now with three amplifiers and a high

quality crossover. it sounds so fast, you hear music without turning the player on lol

so far, all listeners couldnt believe that there are 16 18" subs working.

if the room and the seat and the floor vibrates like at an earthquake, the strokers

do less excursion than the two doors :)

i sure found some mistakes already, or better, still have them in, but tuning

a room to your needs is a lifetime thing. and the way is the goal and so far, this

way makes good damm fun to me and prevent that i ticked out a few times recently...


i may post some pictures and updates from time to time, but forgive me if i dont.

i use and update facebook albums anyways so you can browse through these whenever you want.

thats it for now. hope you like my stuff and get some ideas for your rooms :)

oh, yes, if i am done with my testings of the amps i will put them away into my rack.

even if they look so good. the sony will be replaced by another zapco (Z300).

then there will be no visible wires (at least not so much) anymore...

so far i enjoy the view to my amps :)

may the DRIVING FORCE be with you ;)

ps. here is the album https://www.facebook.com/TheBigOki/media_set?set=a.10153097949726708.1073741889.697046707&type=3


Michael tongue.gif

www.SQPL.de Rulez!

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Great job on the theater room, I plan on doing something like this when i have my own place.

Do you ever plan on doing a drop ceiling?

And arnt magnetostatic speakers the same as electrostatic (ribbon) speakers?


1998 Holden VS Statesman

Kenwood KDC-U556BT

Cadence CS2.65K

Pioneer GM-D9601

Alpine SWS-10D4

KnuKonceptz 0 Gauge

Response 4 Gauge

Execution Audio 60.4

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basically: they are similar, but not the same. magnetostats use a magnet, like other speakers.

electrostats need a "tension" to work. but they both use "ribbons" as membrane. i hope my

english was good enough to roughly explain :)

at least i need to ask what a "drop ceiling" is?


Michael tongue.gif

www.SQPL.de Rulez!

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That is a really impressive system !


How do you like it ? And your neighbours ? :)

black BMW X1 2.0 l 192 hp

OEM head unit, Amplifiers Audison AP 8.9 amp with integrated DSP and Ampere Audio 1200.

Focal ES 100 K in front doors, and Dayton RS 180 for midbass under the front seats.

2 SSA DEMONS 10" subs, in a 2.6 ft3  ported box. SecondSkin Damplifier on front doors, and Luxury Liner Pro for the cargo area.


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A drop ceiling is basically a second ceiling thats been suspended from the original ceiling, usually special ceiling tiles are used for it, as it helps with acoustic reflections.

1998 Holden VS Statesman

Kenwood KDC-U556BT

Cadence CS2.65K

Pioneer GM-D9601

Alpine SWS-10D4

KnuKonceptz 0 Gauge

Response 4 Gauge

Execution Audio 60.4

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ok, well, no, i use the curtain to eliminate the major reflections and tested several ones before the actual one.

the ceiling hast to stay as it is (for optical reasons also) but i MAY put in some diffusor blocks as needed.

i will go onto that way later because as said, i did some testings before and the actual reflections are fine

with curtain closed. ist just when i open it to see the brighter room. so i need some diffusors on the walls too. MAYBE :)

ps i am updating my 3D picture right now with the subs and the projectors and the lamps... of course without the curtains.

but maybe before i add the diffusors on the real room, i add them in the 3D picture as i need to see how it will look...


Michael tongue.gif

www.SQPL.de Rulez!

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