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  1. Try to check the settings on your amp, or on your head unit. Where did you set your SSF ? Maybe it was moved too high ?
  2. My recone kit for my FI N2 15 ?is on hold at DHL since friday : carnival time here, everything is closed until tomorrow !!!

  3. No problem, pics will come ! From the SecondSkin HQ, to Miami, then Panama, Venezuela, and finally MARTINIQUE ! what a trip ! I am impressed by the thickness of both products ! I did not remember the Damplifier was so strong. And the sheet of LLP : that will be difficult to use on my doors, but it should be effective. Those really don't look like other poor products I'm used to see.
  4. DHL called me this morning : they are ready for delivery. Told them to keep it at their office until I can come by, at lunch break. Install coming soon, I hope so !
  5. Ordered b stock damplifier and a sheet of LLP today. Hope it will be enough for my front doors, and the trunk.
  6. No cry, no butthurt here ! Do it OP, if you have enough battery power. You have a good alt, you may need 2 big AGM : one upfront and one in the back, at least. (That is the amplifier I want to run on my Zcon 15.)
  7. You can do it, or you can run the amps strapped (like it's only one amplifier). Is it necessary ? I don't think so. You may need more knowledge and experience. Go to the RF page and see if those amps are strappable. I think so, but you'd better check.
  8. That is a really nice install. You must be proud of you 2 ! I bet he will be very happy with the 4 SMD minis. I'm tuned in for the new box. It should be amazing, once again. I loved the first amp rack : hidden but beautiful.
  9. You can be proud of your work. Congratulations...once again. I really like that car, stock, but you upgraded that beast so well.
  10. The 2 15" subs should be louder than the 2 12"s. IF...they're all in their correct enclosures. If your budget is tight, build a box for the DC and let them play on one amp. When money comes, you'll work on batteries, alternator (you're lucky, Singer can make one for that car), and second amp (or bigger one).
  11. I bought a SAZ 3000 a few years ago, from them. It still works, in its third car (third owner too) . And it slams on 2 Fi BL 12"s.
  12. If you want to run at a very low impedance, why not ? But your equipments won't last long, and you'll need a much stronger electrical. It's not really worth it.
  13. It can be worth the extra watts... if you're looking for the biggest dB numbers, for SPL competitions. Going from 600 to 1000 watts won't change your life, but if you want to do it, why not ?!
  14. So ....maybe you're not clipping...never. That's good!
  15. IA amps look nice. Small footprint, and nice black & blue finish. I'd like a new IA 20.1 : more power at 12v.
  16. Whaaaat ? For the 12 v systems ? I'd love to change my 20.1 !!!
  17. You, Sir, have nice taste ! What is the problem if you have free equipments or not ? It's not our business at all (for us, the forum members). If some company wants to give you something, they know why : lot of traffic on your site, you will represent them nicely and make them sell more. Please, keep showing us those upgrades ! We love that. Congratulations.
  18. Congratulations. Nice ride. I like it a lot. It must be a pleasure to drive it. Will you keep the Tahoe ? It's kind of outdated now,...sorry !
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