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  1. Can't wait to see that in the Cadi ! Congratulations BTW. ?
  2. You're in another league, now ! Do you still have the IA amp on those beast ? BTW nice box.
  3. Regular ported box/wall are easier to tune, and to build. And they are more musical ? Why bother to build a 6th order bandpass wall ? What benefits ?
  4. Maybe you can take a look at all their products, not only the big and powerful subs.
  5. Shipping will kill you ! Be careful with SP Audio : you might be disappointed, We had a lot of their products recently, and it was really hard (quite impossible) to have a good sound with them !!! Try Blade Ice in UK for some good subs, without too much shipping costs. Good luck.
  6. The Mayhem is an amazing sub. I'd get one before any AB XFL. It's a pitty you did not make the deal ! You can post your box specs here. Blowing the sub at the same corner...you must have a problem. No matter if they told you that your box is fine. Be careful before you spend money on new subs.
  7. Cams : what kind of songs do you listen to ? I'm not used to 20-21 Hz songs. I'd like to find some to test my little system. My goal is not to murder those lows, just to play everything...
  8. 7 cu ft net for 2 12s tune to 29 Hz ? You must destroy some lows with that nice box! You won very good quality products. Congratulations. I don't like how you have mounted the crossovers in the doors, but it's YOUR choice : if you like it, that's good. How do you like the tweeters ? It seems that you have one up, and one down on the A pillars.
  9. Nice and fast install. You must be happy with it ! You should have plenty juice for that ns-1. Did you try subs up and port back ? It works good in my little SUV.
  10. You'd better build another box. You can Try an higher tuning, like 34Hz, lenghth port should be shorter, and you'll still have enough lows. 1.75 : that seems to be on the small side for such a beefy 12". Maybe 2.5 to really enjoy your beast ! (I remember reading DC subs like small enclosures, so it may be good at 1.75 ...).
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