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  1. Can't wait to see that in the Cadi ! Congratulations BTW. ?
  2. Do you have 2 Zapco amps, or just one ? What is the nominal impedance on the subs ? Good work !
  3. Try to check the settings on your amp, or on your head unit. Where did you set your SSF ? Maybe it was moved too high ?
  4. Nicely done ! An 18" DD in a trunk : that's so cool ! Why do you run your amp bridged, with a passive crossover ? You could run active, and not loose any output, even with less watts. Good job.
  5. My freshly reconed N2 15 : I wanted one for long. A friend of mine was selling his 4 : I took one, my installer too (its third one!), and another guy got the first two a few months ago. And now in a new box (4 cu Ft @ 32 Hz):
  6. My recone kit for my FI N2 15 ?is on hold at DHL since friday : carnival time here, everything is closed until tomorrow !!!

  7. That is a really nice install. You must be proud of you 2 ! I bet he will be very happy with the 4 SMD minis. I'm tuned in for the new box. It should be amazing, once again. I loved the first amp rack : hidden but beautiful.
  8. You can be proud of your work. Congratulations...once again. I really like that car, stock, but you upgraded that beast so well.
  9. I'd really like to try a pair. I wonder how they would compare to my 7" SEAS Prestige mids. Never had a chance to listen to the old AA Carbon, but I've read very good reviews about them. I love all the Fi products I've tried !
  10. I bought a SAZ 3000 a few years ago, from them. It still works, in its third car (third owner too) . And it slams on 2 Fi BL 12"s.
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