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New build log, I had posted a little of this in my other build log but it should be in its own.

I decided that a change was needed. I'm kinda tired of trunk rattle and I want more "in car" bass, so I'm building a new subwoofer for the Altima.
I'm gonna turn the sub around and fire into the cabin and seal it off. The first sub is still in and playing while a toy around with a new one.
Here is what I'm planning to build. I haven't decided on finish yet. Its gonna be approx 3.2 cuft tuned to 38Hz.
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I started with the port first...decided to create my own oval port.

Used straight thin pieces, cut at 11.5 degrees and glued together to turn the circle. Made the whole circle first, then split into 2 separate ends. Glued one end at a time.



Both top and bottom glued up and attached to the side walls of the port...


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Lookes good.

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I'm far from loud and my roof/headliner flaps around like Adam's ass on a windy day. I think it depends more on the structure of the vehicle.

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I created a template out of 1/4" MDF, I used the actual trunk space as a guide, using cardboard first then tracing onto the MDF...then test fit the MDF before the template was final. Then I used the template for the actual subwoofer front and rear pieces. The goal was as tight a fit as possible.


Both the front baffle and the rear piece are doubled up, and to make the fitment of the curved top easier, I decided to "off set" the inner layer of both the front and rear by 3/4" to allow the curved top to be in set when assembled.


Kerfing the top piece...


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This was the tricky part...had to use the straps to keep everything tight...glued and nailed and clamped! This is difficult working alone sometimes.


Missed some intermediate steps, but here it is with front and rear baffles attached and holes cut getting glued up.


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