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  1. I see a lot of images of amplifier circuit boards. Some people can say "...thats a Korean board..." or some say "...thats a Chinese board..." First, what characteristics do you notice that imply the circuit board is Korean vs Chinese or even Brazilian? Second, what type of components and quantity make you think an amplifier is well made? I.e. number of toroidal transformers? Number of capacitors? Number of output device/transistors? These are the ones that jump out to me...I also prefer Tiffany style RCA jacks and metal pots. Educate me.
  2. Yeah they’ve been around for a while, I used them before. Pretty great idea, sky high is awesome
  3. Yes no doubt it will work. Here’s a funny thing, I did the big 3 and added another run from alt to fusable link and that nut that secures the OEM wire to fusable link was impossible to loosen. It took many attempts to loosen it without breaking it.
  4. If you check my Nissan build you will see what I made to address that.
  5. heres the new box Im working on It has to be made in 2 pieces in order to fit into the trunk...the 2 halves will be bolted together once inside the trunk.
  6. I'm running an RF R-1200 right now for 2 DC Audio Lvl 2 12s. I was planning to get 2 Fi SSD 10s..they are rated at 1250 each. The intent was to upgrade amp and electrical as well.
  7. yes, already being considered as well. I'm looking at minimum 2000w @ 1 ohm (for both subs) amps, and some higher. have to address electrical as well to support. I have an RF R-1200 right now, the intent is to double the power.
  8. Building a new ported box now. The box in the car is sealed, it’s such a small trunk opening that I built it in 2 pieces and bolted it together in the trunk. I couldn’t figure out a good way to port it then, but by moving to 10s it gives more room for port
  9. @bmwking good catch...I said VFL but meant XFL. @CstrokerV what’s the manufacturing and info on AB? Built here or in China? Or somewhere else?
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I gathered info from American Bass website and from sound solutions audio website. the VFL 10s are almost half of what a Fi SSD 10, DC Audio Lvl 3 10, PSI Platform 1 10 costs. All of these are pretty similar subs, wondering why the AB is so much less. http://www.americanbassusa.com/Subwoofers/XFL-Series.html http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/categories/sub-woofers/american-bass/xfl-series.html
  11. What is the experience level with American Bass on here? I'm going to change some things including a new box, and to keep its dimensions manageable, I want to use 10" subs. I was going to buy Fi SSD 10s but as I was searching around I found the AB VFL 10s are really cheap (and quite similar T/S parameters to the Fi) So, any feedback on American Bass? Thanks
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