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  1. I tried both angled and straight. Still didnt insert far enough and still touched each other. I just used 4AWG as suggested by RG and used ferrules on ends.
  2. The T1500 inputs are super close together for power and ground...I tried 1/0 to 4 AWG reducers and they touch each other. No bueno. Also, the length of the 4AWG portion of the reducers was too short to reach all the way into the opening (the power and ground inputs are recessed) This would require custom made reducers.
  3. I discussed with XSPower and the rep suggested an SB500-34 500 Farad super cap bank and keep the XSD3400 and stock alt. He also said that 1 Titan8 could indeed replace the 2 D3400s.
  4. lol, yes I know....I emailed a separate question 2 weeks ago that went unanswered. I will call today.
  5. I need more electrical. I have an Audio Control LC6.1200 and newly added RF T1500-1bd. I have 1 D3400 and stock alt (150A). Its a Camaro so battery is already in trunk. Voltage is dropping to lows 12s, and I've seen high 11s when listening full tilt. I would like the weight and space savings of Lithium and increased power availability. So, I was planning to add another D3400 to see how the electrical responds before buying a high output alt. BUT, is the Titan8 a primary engine starting battery and can it alone support my electrical needs? The XS Power website is seriously lacking in documentation and any explanatory details.
  6. Hey SuzukiGS750EZ, I have a brand new, never been used Mechman 270A alternator for 2013 3.5 Altima. I won it for SOTM but the car was a lease so it was never installed. I’ve had it since. Contact me if you want it…no charge ( you pay shipping)
  7. I’ve been using a JLAudio Cleansweep for factory integration. I just picked up an LC 6.1200 with speaker level inputs. How good is the Audio Control speaker level integration? As good as the Cleansweep? Looking for feedback. If I can keep the signal simplified ( I.e. remove the Cleansweep) that would be ideal, however keeping it in the signal chain is easier (I don’t have to remove and retire)
  8. Not really an OG...but started hopping on again this week as I’m gonna start doing some work to my Camaro
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