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  1. Fabbed up some speaker wires. I originally tapped the rear speakers for speaker level input to a JL Audio Cleansweep. So, all I have is rear speaker output, which normally is fine. However, I cannot fade from to back doing it this way, nor can I hear the turn signal noise or use bluetooth for phone calls since they use the front speakers. I will fix that using these speaker cables. There are 3 pairs of wires in each, 1 pair will take audio back to the Cleansweep, the other 2 pair will send signal back to speakers. Its clugey, but whatever.
  2. It has been nearly 3 years since I last posted on my Camaro build (wow time flies). I decided in my boredom (eff you COVID) that I would make some changes and add some speakers and fix some things. Sooooo, I decided to replace the rear speakers (I left the stock in place originally). Since its just the rear deck for fill mostly, I decided on coaxial speakers and thought I try RF T1s. I also will add some speakers to the side panels in the rear (same RF T1s). So I bought 2 pair. Time to get to work!
  3. Not really an OG...but started hopping on again this week as I’m gonna start doing some work to my Camaro
  4. I bought a brand new XS D3400 from droppinhz. It measured 12.71V when I got it. Put it in the car. Still 12.71V. The first few days seemed awesome, voltage was always in the 14s when driving. I thought to mysekf, awesome, this is what it's like to have good voltage However, a week later, and my voltage now measured 12.4V today while driving. WHY????? I thought the AGM would hold charge longer, recharge faster, and provide me the amps necessary for audio. I don't have any audio connected yet, and it's disappointing. I'm charging the battery right now and the voltage is coming up. A
  5. Holy sh!t!! Just checked D'Amore's website and the price of the A1500.2 is now listed at .... $7,499.00
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