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  1. Hey SuzukiGS750EZ, I have a brand new, never been used Mechman 270A alternator for 2013 3.5 Altima. I won it for SOTM but the car was a lease so it was never installed. I’ve had it since. Contact me if you want it…no charge ( you pay shipping)
  2. I’ve been using a JLAudio Cleansweep for factory integration. I just picked up an LC 6.1200 with speaker level inputs. How good is the Audio Control speaker level integration? As good as the Cleansweep? Looking for feedback. If I can keep the signal simplified ( I.e. remove the Cleansweep) that would be ideal, however keeping it in the signal chain is easier (I don’t have to remove and retire)
  3. I wanted to buy Fi. Their availability and lead times and lack of communication are beyond below standard. I ordered Sundowns instead, and nothing exotic. SA 10 v2. In stock, received within a week. Build quality is out of this world and these are almost twice the weight of my DC Audio L2 12s. I'm really impressed.
  4. I'm not sure I'm happy yet with this. Was wanting to do something else, made some concessions and "forgot" some things that will require rework. It is up and running sans subwoofers right now. There was a surprising amount of bass without the subs, so thats a bonus. This is temporary as the Cleansweep is meant to be under the panels, but forgot to cut holes for wiring. Tried using my SHCA cables....they are horrible. switched back to these Blue Jeans custom cables...and shrill top end and hiss disappeared.
  5. panels wrapped. I'm gonna wrap the larger outer piece in red (maybe). I want to wrap the smaller piece but my skills are lacking when the opening get smaller, so it will likely be painted
  6. Second Skin installed Wiring prettied up... speakers installed. I replaced the rear deck speakers plus added these to the rear seat. more is better.
  7. The Camaro has large cavities in the interior. This is the rear seat. The module is the fuel pump control module. I rotated it 90 degrees counter clockwise made some templates for a speaker adapter Cut them out of 1/2 mdf Added some rivnuts to mount them (best tool ever)
  8. Battery, wiring and SHCA gear. The red piece is a support piece. Trunk panels in the car.
  9. wow, its been a month...I work soooooo slow. some updates. I have the Mobile Solutions Falcon templates so decided to use them.
  10. Finally all out. you cant see, but on the right side under the ground wires there is WATER DAMAGE on the birch ply. Going to dealer next week to see the "water doctor" to see if he can diagnose (I cant find any smoking gun)
  11. yay, that worked! a few more pictures... never seem to notice the dust until you take a picture...lol. The inside of the sealed box. 2 pieces bolted together
  12. I've run into image posting obstacles. Sorry if this is redundant, what are folks using now to embed photos via links?
  13. Removed all components from trunk. I built the sub in the car as it was too big to fit in one piece. What a nightmare.
  14. Fabbed up some speaker wires. I originally tapped the rear speakers for speaker level input to a JL Audio Cleansweep. So, all I have is rear speaker output, which normally is fine. However, I cannot fade from to back doing it this way, nor can I hear the turn signal noise or use bluetooth for phone calls since they use the front speakers. I will fix that using these speaker cables. There are 3 pairs of wires in each, 1 pair will take audio back to the Cleansweep, the other 2 pair will send signal back to speakers. Its clugey, but whatever.
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