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Amp Test Tuesday - Good Power at the Flea Market? Undercover 500w Purchase - GUESS THE POWER, WIN IT! PG RX500.1 (PART 2)


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  1. 1. Will it pass?

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    • No (All three Modes)
    • Some (Passes some but not all three)

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Certified mode (test stops at 1% distortion) - 480 Watts RMS
Non-Certified mode (test stops at clipping) - 520 Watts RMS
Dynamic Burst RMS (test stops at clipping) - 550 Watts RMS

For a total of ; 1550watts.

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137.6db/Music @ 48hz, budget of 100usd, 180watts.
waiting to re-measure with tone and a port that is actually stuck to the box (lol)

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our amps as in members from the forum..

i have a pbr 300x2 kicker 750.5 sundown sax 200.4 kicker 850.4. and A few other i need to dig out..

sax 125.2 DC 9k but you have that.. bc3500. saz 3500 zas4500 dc 5k dc 175.4

i think i can get an re amp the xtx5000 claiming 2500 rms

hell ya! as long as you sign off on the liability of it. Any amp can go up in smoke at any time. I rarely see it but it can happen. That being said, if your amp smokes but this GRAVITY amp took a beating and kept on playing, then that amp SUCKS. LOL JK. Anyhow, send whatever you want ill test and send back. :)

i have a flea market amp i would like to get tested. it is a lanzar vibe286. i'm in the area if you can do it.

phoenix gold rx500.1 1600 watts total

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