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  1. My title really says it all, I have been using formulas to discover the proper way to determine the ideal box size for sealed applications. I have found the recommended size of my box (after some use of formulas) to be .6245 CU/FT. I can reduce that size to accommodate polyfill. I am curious which direction you guys would go and why. Thank you so much.
  2. Ready to ditch my 500 lbs of batteries for a lithium like yesterday. Thinking about going for it. Internal BMS LifePo4s that are affordable.

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    2. Karkov


      why was Sancheezy not charging?!?!?!?!

    3. Karkov


      so Juicebox is a good company but people are dumb with the lithiums? What about the XS power lithiums? issues? i am lost....

    4. dangaranga


      Sencheezy said they had the battery sitting in the shop and they'd hook the amps to it do testing then charge it. At slam, he was running his 40ah jb down to 7 volts all day with two twisted sounds 8.5ks and it held up. Even with the abuse, Kevin will still warranty it and you'll have a proper working battery. From what I've heard, the xs's don't perform quite as well and Idk how good the warranty is.

  3. Dude... I wanted to make a coal rollin bass vehicle. Didnt even think of that. Fails for days.
  4. Thats amazing man, you were one of the reasons I fell in love with this hobby, the 20,000 watts shaking glass video was a game changer for me.
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