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nice review daimer it was really lovely to read and i can only confirm what u sayin

btw im the new owner of ur subwoofer 😁 and this beast bangin so hard i tuned em same Hz @ 113 liters

thanx for ur good treatment to the sub i can hear it defenitly


Greets SaSp


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    • By Bl800dy
      I’m buying 4 2ohm subs yet I’m putting them in two separate boxes I’m going to wire it down to 1 ohm but the problem is how would I do it since there’s two separate boxes?
    • By Antoni Čović
      Hello everyone, I didn't see any similar topics on forum so I thought I will open one.. 

      So the point of this topic is to post your watt clamped results from your system. 
      You can post pictures or just write.. 

      It would be cool if you wrote your equipment: amplifier, subwoofer, box size and tuning, electrical and then post your clamped results.
      You can post a picture or video of your system too!

      If you don't know how to measure your watts look at this tutorial: http://ddaudio.com/faq/clamp-testing/

      So let me begin.

      Amplifier: Hifoinics BXI6000D
      Subwoofer: Fi audio Q 15 wired to 1 ohm
      Box: 4cuft 32hz tuning
      Electrical: 2x 54ah battery & 75a alternator

      Clamp result: 1064 Watts (50 Hz)


    • By Krisztián Arnold
      Hey Guys!
      I am thinking of buying some new subwoofers, and wanted to ask for your advices/recomendations on the ones I looked up.
      I kind of look for a pair of 12-s in the 400-460$ price range ( including shipping to midle Europe), and will be powered by a Hifonics Brutus BRX 2016.1D, and an XS Power D975 for now. 
      So far I tought about getting one of these:
      1) Rockford Fosgate Punch P3D4 12"
      2) Alpine Type R SWR-12D4 
      3) Massive Audio TOROX124 12"
      I apprechiate any help in a form of an answer!
      Maybe if you have experience with any of them, or have a woofer that you would recomend for me feel free to share.
    • By Rich Schenk
      Need 6 good 12s preferably 2000-2000+ rms for deal what do you guys have?
      Have 10 American bass xfl 1222s 5-6 good 4-5 blown ( if anyone wants to trade with  cash on my end)
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