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nice review daimer it was really lovely to read and i can only confirm what u sayin

btw im the new owner of ur subwoofer 😁 and this beast bangin so hard i tuned em same Hz @ 113 liters

thanx for ur good treatment to the sub i can hear it defenitly


Greets SaSp


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    • By Joe f
      I'm looking at building my first 4th order for a sundown zv4 rev2 15"d2. I have experience building custom boxes but have never built a bandpass. I'm not sure on what ratio to go with. I like lows but would really like something musical. It's going in a extended cab f150 powered by a shark [email protected] Could someone tell me how many cubes for the sealed and ported side and how many sqin my port should be and what's the best to tune it at? Any info is greatly appreciated!
    • By bigmacjack
      Hey guys! im wondering if anybody here that builds custom subs can give me some info. I just got another subzero so i pulled the motor off and threw it on the bottom of my 12" holees Basket. But, the mounting holes dont line up perfectly so i kinda just had to make it work. i just wanted to know if this would properly center the basket on the motor? and i just wanted to see if this configuration would work? im really excited about this sub and i hope i can make it work! 
    • By Thomas1994
      So my builder, Aho Audio out of Oklahoma, put this together in 12hrs for me today. Huge thanks to him for sticking it out after made the long drive to him.
      Singer 275a 
      D6500 under the hood
      2 d3400 in the back 
      Modified all stock spots to fit 4 Cresendo neo 6.5s and 2 ft1 tweeters. Ran out of time for the Alphard Audio tweeters so future add on down the road. 
      2 Crescendo 15s 
      Sundown ns1 v1 amp
      2 Sundown 50.4 for mids
      Box is tuned around 40hz maybe less, not sure since space was limited and had to get creative to put the box in. 
      Kenwood HU
      Sky High Car Audio power wire
      Rockford and Soundqubed RCAs

    • By science
      I’ve recently installed a type r 15 inch dual 4ohm in a sealed 2.5 cubic ft box on a alpine mrp-m1000 in a bmw e63 6 series with logic 7 stereo. I tapped into the subwoofer wires and hooked up a hi to low converter and I have some problems. the first is that some songs just don’t hit hard at all and others hit really well. I know they hit from my last system same amp different subs. Then I have set the gain with a multimeter and where it is quite high I get a pop when I start the car if I bought an audio control lci2 would it allow me to lower the gain and get rid of the pop. Another problem is some songs the levels are way out like the volume is at 5% but the sub is at 65-75% only on this stereo. Please help
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