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SaSp    0

nice review daimer it was really lovely to read and i can only confirm what u sayin

btw im the new owner of ur subwoofer 😁 and this beast bangin so hard i tuned em same Hz @ 113 liters

thanx for ur good treatment to the sub i can hear it defenitly


Greets SaSp


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    • By DurtySailor
      I am trying to find out information on ported box size for the team neo 15s. i am looking at putting 2 into a 03 mazda protege 5 at the b pillar 15k out of 2 sundown scv-7500d any information to figure out what to do would be greatly appreciated
    • By baron_of_bass
      So, this will be one slowwww ass build. I just got the truck not very long ago. As soon as I got it I started to work on the little things that were wrong with it. This will be both a performance build log and audio. So first things first. I stripped all the interior so I can have access to the floor to clean it and apply some second skin. I bought a 40 pound box of b stock Second Skin (which I used up on the floor). I used the 40 pound box and about another box and a half (20 sheets) of damp pro. Overall I got a minimum of 2 layers some spots 3/4. Reason I put so much emphasis on the floor is because the trucks exhaust will be loud once it's done. Anyway here are some pictures. 
    • By audiofanaticz
      SOTM is back! We had a long absence but are ready to get this ball rolling again with some awesome prizes!!!
      This month we are doing things a little bit different. This month is another reverse SOTM that many people wanted to see again.
      To enter you have to take a pic of the trunk/hatch/cargo area and of you (the member) next to the car that has NO STEREO (I.E. no subs/amps) that you will be installing the system in.
      The car does not have to be yours. It could be your brothers, sisters, mom, dad, friends, significant other, etc as long as it has no system. If you have upgraded that joke of a "headunit" which came with the car from the factory we will let that slide.
      So lets get these entries going ladies and gentleman!
      This months prizes are sponsored by Sundown Audio and 1 lucky winner is going to receive (1) SAE-1000Dv2 and (2) E-12v3 D4 subwoofers!

      Here are the rules:
      1. ANYONE can enter as long as you can meet the terms above about installing into the car with no stereo.
      2. Any previous SOTM Winner is eligible.
      3. New members welcome.
      4. No tearing out your stereo just to enter (that's cheating)!
      5. Take a pic of your empty trunk/hatch/cargo area.
      6. Take a pic of you next to said car that will be entering.
      7. Post those 2 photos on this thread to enter, If your missing one or the other you will NOT be entered! You can use this site to host the photos if you shrink the photos down, otherwise use Imgur, imageshack, or any other image hosting site. DO NOT use photobucket because they will not display!!!
      8. Steve (meade916) will be doing a live drawing to pick the winner on the last day of the month.
      9. Steve (meade916) said if we get enough entries he will personally do a 2nd and 3rd place prize!
      001- Tahoe Dmo
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      *Any SMD Member that is caught cheating or manipulating the voting process in any way will be banned from SMD with extreme prejudice! Each SMD Member is allowed to vote only one time - that means each MEMBER . . . not each IP Address . . . not each user name. At SMD, we have a ZERO tolerance policy on groaning, whining, or bellyaching within SOTM so just don't do it. SOTM is a way for us to give back to our members - we encourage you to get your system in tip top shape and enter. If you don't win, there's always next month.
    • By giusiwa
      Hi, i'm designing a box for my zv5 15", i've do a project with google sketchup but i don't know if my design is good or not(i leave the google sketch project). I've do my project Seeing this video:
      box parameters:
      net cu.ft= 4,25cu.ft
      tuning freq=32hz
      W(28,74") - H(21,5") - D(20,75")=OUTER DIMENSIONS
      driver displacement= 0.25 cu.ft
      port displacement= 1,57 cu.ft
      port dimension = W(3,4") - H(20") - LENGTH(33.6")(carstereo.com)
      my question is: IS GOOD THIS TUTORIAL?IN WINISD THE PROJECTS CHANGES (the port length is different on winisd)   For this reason I am doubtful on my design. Can you eventually crete your own design if my box is not good?  
      1x sundown zv5 15.skp
    • By twakaflocka
      I need a box for my sundown zv4 15 rev1. Ive got it on a hifonics 1800.1 at 1 ohm. It slams right now in its current box but It sounds like the box is tuned to 35 or 36 hz. I want to build a 30hz or a low slamming box. Im new to building boxes but I work for a cabinet company so am pretty good with wood work and measurements and I have the tools so I thought I would give it a shot. What would be a good low hitting box tuned to 28-30hz for the zv4 15. I also want to know what program is good for tuning and sizing your boxes. I drive a mercury grand marquis so space isn't really an issue. Could someone design me a box for this thing that would slam 28-30hz? Any other ideas? 
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