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nice review daimer it was really lovely to read and i can only confirm what u sayin

btw im the new owner of ur subwoofer 😁 and this beast bangin so hard i tuned em same Hz @ 113 liters

thanx for ur good treatment to the sub i can hear it defenitly


Greets SaSp


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      I finally got around to filling my holes on my f150. I got a 40"x 8" piece and cut out what I needed. And I got plenty left over to do my neon.
      I looked Around online mostly on eBay and the price for one that was already cut to size was crazy. The average cost was about $120.00 bucks,so I started to look at sheets and they wanted around $90.00. so I dug a little deeper and found this sheet for $35.00.its probably not as thick and durable as the other ones but was way more easier to cut and bend.and it's mostly for looks anyways
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      Hello guys,
      I'm wanting to start some kind of 2.1 home audio build. Nothing 7.1 ultra high tech.
      Just want some good ass mids and highs and a decent sub that does lows.
      Now I'm wondering, what kind of sub would be nice? I was thinking 250 watts to 500 watts of RMS should be enough to do well right?
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      Anf what mids and highs would be nice, would I need a calculated enclosure for mids and highs?
      I'm new to home audio, would love some help.
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