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  1. Man, I love your work! Definitely original and time consuming! Curious why you didn't build a custom sub for the enclosure from your avatar, though ?
  2. Something simple I did on my daily was to glue some steel busbars, kerfed to the shape of my roof. It's nothing extreme, but it doesn't require welding and is thin enough so you can put your stock headliner in (most of the cases).
  3. Beautiful as always! But I've seen these some months ago, are there any new progress pictures?
  4. Dude, why do you always build things this loud and beautiful Another awesome project, keep up the good work!
  5. Read the spl gains topic that Skullz mentioned, and pay very good attention to it - there are a lot of things there that can help! Also try a bit bigger box, like 5.6-5.8 cubes total for the two subs if you have the space. Make it one shared chamber with a single 6" or 8" aero (again if you have the space). I've seen boxes in these type of vehicles that do good with a port to the side, but can't tell which one will be better for you, it's all about testing. Good luck!
  6. The effective length is measured with half the flare, but it won't be a drastic change even if you calculate it full length.
  7. Try the x15's in my opinion. Will be interesting to see what will you squeeze out of them.
  8. Definitely something different! And very good results, too! But why the different length ports on the first setup?
  9. Yep, one sub But now setup is upgraded, the roof is reinforced with plywood, and he put 370 amp alternator. Voltage is MUCH better now, and it's definitely louder, but the sub is starting to smell real quick. It's quite normal, of course - this is a 10k amp with good electrical (stays 13.7+ full tilt with slight clipping) on a 3" voicecoil that's not even their highest line. I'm amazed how well this thing performs, you can play it until it becomes really, really hot and so far nothing has broken. The plan now is to get some nsv3 12's and wire the amp in the dirt (0,35), so hopefully we'll see how much can we gain from this setup without going to a different category. Hope the amp will survive
  10. Haven't updated this for a while, so decided to share how this thing looks like after painting. Hope you enjoy!
  11. But how does it feel inside? It doesn't seem as painfull as some other 160+ setups, and 164 should be pretty brutal... Very interesting idea, definitely something new to see!
  12. Holy sh*t man! Great build! I'm liking how you keep on getting higher and higher scores on this level, but testing and hard work pays off! Will follow for sure!
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