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Brandon's '99 Toyota Tacoma - the Yota' RE-build log (Ported Box, Amp Rack, Wiring Pics 3/22/16)

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Brandon's '99 Yota's about a week in, but it's the first time i have been able to sit down and post a build log. So here we go.

This started out as something small. At first, when Brandon started coming around, he had one Sundown 12 (a lower end model) in a prefab box from a local shop. It was powered by a Rockford Fosgate 400.2 Amp. I always thought it sounded damn good! For what he had, that thing was really nice. So when i asked if he wanted to try the SMD "Mini" series 12" sub (proto) that i just got, of course he said yes. We did a direct swap. It was very noticeable right out of the gate even though it was about 1000 watts UNDERPOWERED. So we decided to take the 400 out and swap in a Rockford Fosgate Prime 1200.1 just to give it some extra juice. It got ridiculously louder! Ask anyone who has heard it. Very nice for 1 12" sub in a prefab box. But then the box broke at the port and started to flap a little bit. He had a choice, we can fix that box, or drop a 2nd 12" SMD Mini and another 1200.1 and really have some fun. Of course he is down to double up! :D Who wouldn't be.

First thing on the menu is the box. Then the amp rack. Then some wiring. Then battery/alternator upgrades....then mids/highs. You know the routine. Right now, as you can see in the pics below, i whipped up a fast little amp rack. I used the new SMD Split Bar for distribution. It is just a temporary setup so i can see how i want to build it but i am sure i will transfer this over to something cleaner and keep the look.

Lets start with the box.

3.9ft3 Tuned to approx 33hz-ish.


SMD Speaker Box Terminals of course!





Love this Glubot!










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