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  1. I had no idea until I was putting it together that there is no space behind the mobo like almost all new cases now days for cable management since the panel sits flat against the mobo panel. I even tried to run my thin fan cables behind and the panel wouldnt close. lol so no cable management possible in this thing.
  2. Holy smokes its me again. So I bought an old school Alienware Predator case on the cheap and wanted to throw my current rig in it for pure nostalgia purposes. For those that don't know, these PCs were the BEES KNEES back in 02-05 and was my dream PC. So bought a case on ebay for 200 bucks that looked in decent shape to start. Equipment - CPU- AMD 5800x 3.8ghz GPU - AMD 6900XT 16gb RAM - G Skill 32gb 3600mhz HD - Seagate Firecuda 1TB m.2 Motherboard - ASRock Tiachi x570 Watercooler - AIO 360 radiator (6) 120mm EZDIY rgb fans Monitor - Samsung 49" Odyssey G9 Speakers - Klipsch RP15 with a 10" Klipsch subwoofer First had to take it all apart and start sanding for new paint. What it looked like when I got it, Plasma purple in somewhat decent shape, lots of scratches. Threw on some spray-on bedliner to coat the inside metal case black (no more retro steelie) Everything loaded in External Paint is a Ford explorer black metallic Finished product
  3. On a serious note, it is ridiculous seeing how many people text and drive. I don't because I have to pay attention FOR other people...
  4. That last 1ohm test was extremely suprising actually, even though it probably wouldnt last long doing it. Almost puts out as much power as their bigger amps lol
  5. Reason why I never plaster my rides with stickers, thieves probably wouldn't have even noticed it if it didn't.
  6. That wasnt the cube scores, that was Travis Stuchls scores in his blazer.
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