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this is not a level 6 right?

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this guy is sayin this is level 6 never used, magnet doesnt look big nuff, looks like a 4 to me, i text him askin for proof he wouldnt respond, he has iphone too so i can see he read it, i think hes jus tryin make a $300 profit on a level 4

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2000 Suburban 6 runs of 2/0

12 timpano audio mids,6 timpana audio tweets and 1 timpano compression horn per door 

8 banks of blue Maxwells + 260ah of Yin Long LTOs 

2 370 Amp Autotech Alts 

mids amps 2  Crescendo Skyway 3ks 

Tweet amp Crossfire 2000.4

sub amp: 4 Crossfire XT 8ks

Subs: 8 18 in Crossfires in a 4th order

Best Scores at events…

161.6@38hz DBdrag  sealed on the dash… 162.54 outlaw…161.14 Meca headrest 



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To be fair it does say "prototype", so there may be some odd pre-production concoctions out there.

But yeah, motor and surround too small, Ti basket, cone and cap material look wrong etc.

Only way to know for sure would be to send the link to Rusty.

Static drops are my bag.

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the level 4s look similar they have the hole in magnet but not xl 5 or 6s and your right i didnt notice the surround, i saw the cone but ya its all just off its a reconed somethin or other but def not a 6

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i also call bs cuz theres a guy here that goes by robot underground that basically recones and mixes up subs baskets and magnets and all that so looks like his kind of work, its not directly from that guy cuz its a different number

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