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  1. Time attack, yo. Gotta get that downforce game up. For those confused--Google it if you don't know who Christian Rado is.
  2. One of the most pleasing things I've seen in a while. Thanks.
  3. My Mom had back surgery a few weeks before Christmas and she was sitting up helping finalize some dishes (us three kids made most at home and brought them). She was on some heavy pain meds of course, and we found cardboard and wrappers in a couple of them.
  4. Single cab SHORT BOX dually. Custom built, shortened frame. You can't get a Super Duty in that configuration even in SRW. Super dope.
  5. Is Orange County Choppers building Hondas now? Looks like something from Welderup. Pretty much the OCC of rat rods.
  6. Takes me back to the mid 90s...Body kits, underbody lights, smoothie toppers, and billet wheels. Back when people still painted their builds instead of throwing primer kits on crap cars. Throwback show or old pic?
  7. Do you know what the rpm's convert to in american? Smart ass lol, I've been up since 530 yesterday, so about 29hrs ago, and I almost answered you lol Legit question as what I hear as a 1K idle is registering 4k at 0:09 of the video...no denying how fast that car is though. Dang.
  8. I don't see a reason that would stop you unless you can't find a hoist to lift that pig... Mine's just got Bell Tech keys, shocks, and a DJM 2wd flip/notch in the back. If you don't want to go that low (6-7") you can do shackles and hangers or new leafs for 3 or 4... Does look like you might need more offset if you're still running the wheels in your sig.
  9. That's perfectly fine. The lifted guys do a lot worse, it's just in the other direction. Mine are slightly more angled than yours and have been fine for 5 years/60k. RPP: It's settled some since then and about half an inch lower all around.
  10. Killer truck. Minor adjustments would make it perfect. Truck needs to be 3 inches lower to look best with those wheels. I agree at that height it should have a little less rim/more tire. Right now it's at muscle truck stance, not stunner stance.
  11. Better cone control and dynamics at all volume levels. If you're asking about peak level (full volume) only, yes there are diminishing returns. But more sound is still more sound.
  12. Figured that was the case. I buy vehicles with what they will be in mind, not what they are. Last three cars I bought had springs and wheels waiting in the shop before I brought them home. The only time my wife saw them stock was on the test drive. We were test driving a used one that I started peeling stickers and pinstripes off and thought 'I should really go buy this before I get too much further' lol. Had already pulled the springs out of the warehouse before I remembered I didn't own it yet. Your stance and wheels are just about perfect IMO. Another great vehicle in your fleet.
  13. So much better lowered. Of course I think most vehicles are better lowered, so... Cool that the front spring perches aren't welded and able to be replaced like that. Nice video Steve, as always.
  14. Creative and smart use of slat wall though. Makes for a fairly efficient mounting system as long as you lock the amp boards down once they're all slid in place. Pretty cool.
  15. Very cool to get see your own stuff in progress like that. Rims and tires both impressive as hell. Congrats. We daily'd a shop Focus back in 2000 on 225/25 20s. Some of the worst roads in the country in MKE WI. Like you said, be aware. Tire guy hated mounting them though.
  16. And yet EVERY set of used rims for sale has "minor curb rash" like it's just expected. Learn to drive people. I've had aftermarket rims on every vehicle since 1988 and have never curbed one. My wife of 20 years hasn't either.
  17. Like the color, would look sick on the dark red car, but not a plasti fan for that usage. I only use it for masking off parts or to protect them temporarily in the shop. Powdercoat or paint wheels on any decent car.
  18. Congrats on the patent and the new rig! Funny enough I hadn't checked my credit in a while because I haven't had any payments that reflect on it for 6+ years, but I did a couple weeks ago and I was just over 800 myself. Good feeling, isn't it? My wife got herself in trouble before we met and was down around 550. She financed our Tempur-Pedic and setup auto-pay to be paid off before the interest hits, which has raised her to over 700 now. Much more comfortable with that as I had to finance our first house myself before we got married--two of us combined was too low and if we would have married first we wouldn't have gotten it. I've also been looking around here for another thing you might need soon--a bigger shop!
  19. That guy is one of the worst in the industry. No idea how he stays in business with the horrible attitude he shows in public on a regular basis. Everything he's associated with is 100% pure gold and all others are crap. He'll talk down about anything to make a buck for himself, even if what he recommends is totally wrong for the person asking. Never seen anyone with that attitude hang on very long. Had this typed as Broke posted. Same thing.
  20. Nice! Some of the best money I ever spent was my chordless impacts. Can never have too many. Miss my old Snappy dealer in my old city. That guy rocked. Even let me borrow his show trailer to move 200 miles away because it was the only way I was getting my 2500lb box up here. New guy is a tool.
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