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SKULL CRACKING BRAIN RATTLING BASS! 6 Deaf Bonce 15" Subs 45,000 Watts Taramps

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I stopped by DB Drag world finals to say whats upper' to all the people and to also drop off some emergency 1/0 cables to a Team Ruckus guy. It was POURING rain so i didn't get hardly any demo's. It was MISERABLE outside. I was happy to see so many people using the SMD Fuse blocks! They were EVERYWHERE! Thanks to everyone for that!

But this thing here, was extremely brutal. I was about 3 beats away from tapping but i made it haha! Even got to test some of that new Psyph Morrison shit that just came out of the studio last night. FIRE on Fire the album is gonna be, i promise! Anyway, check out this demo...45k Taramps, 6 Deaf Bounce 15's in a walled blazer. It was fun, but very brain rattling. :D

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love this build :) glad you got to check it out steve, adam, wyatt and the utah crew are some cool dudes.

looks brutal

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Great vid.

This thing flat gets on it. I hate it lol, but its fun as hell. Dude played that thing most of the show lol. Beat on it like it owed him money. Our tents where PACKED both days.:)

We had one hell of a trip. Adam, Wyatt, and JR are some of the best peeps there are. There will be more of that going down for sure.

Glad you came over to the show for a bit Steve, even with the weather being as shitty as it was. Was cool to hang with you again. Thanks for hooking up my boy Matt with the wire and newer fuse block. Again, good to see you and Scobee. Brandon is a cool cat. We laughed the entire time. Fun was had. :hi:

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I'm ready for the Psyph album. Have the others here, all signed. Hopefully it's in time to break in the new build.


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