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Time to meter the Blazer...

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Does anyone know anybody in the Phoenix area who might be willing to help me by metering the Blazer... Lol... I'd need a way to contact them as well...

Please help I do not want to wait till the fall to get it done at Wild Horse Pass... It's not a couple of P3's on a thousand watts!.. I swear!... No disrespect to Rockford fans meant...I just need to find the general cabin resonance and burp it once or twice... please help!


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      Im new to building a box with an aeroport so im needing some help with the build. Im building a box for an american bass hd 12. Ive looked all over the internet for box specs but came up with nothing. I did however find that the speaker is basically the same as the soundqubed hdc3 (old stiff version). I then came across a forum post saying that the optimum box size for spl and overall sound quality would be 3 cubes net, 18 square inches of port area per cube, tuned between 34-39 hz. I calculated a box with a slot port and it would be way too huge for my trunk. My question is what size diameter aeroport(s) should i use? Right now with my lack of knowledge ive guessed one 6".
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      I have a soundstream double din 6.5 in touch screen, that sends a signal to a lanzar opti 2000.1d amp, which is running 2sundown sa15's (dual4ohm) in a ported box tuned at 36htz. After a while of playing I experience low volume however it doesn't cut out. I'm thinking it may be my RCA jacks however I'm not sure. Any help would be appreciated
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      Many people sent me some comments and messages on my youtube channel saying that the 2 10s we built last year is the biggest hairtrick they have seen on small cone area so they inspired me to really step it up this time and try to do some nice hairtricks (nothing crazy) on even smaller cone area, but also, on less power and keeping the back seat, i bought myself a 2013 Kia Picanto for daily since i already had 3 audio cars lol, but anyways, this is my 4th car and need to mantein it as stock as i can since i take my kid to school everyday on it.
      2 10s hairtricking on a 5k wired at 1 ohm
      Anyways, we´ll see if we can archive our goal, if not, at least i hope it gets loud on small power and cone area for daily
      Car: 2013 Kia Picanto
      Electrical: 2 runs of CCA Soundquest wires, big3 and a single Stinger SPV35 battery, stock alternator
      Mids/highs: 2 Massive Ma6 mids and 2 Massive T50 bullet tweeters, OEM front speakers on the dash since the car doesnt even have door speakers
      Amplifier for mids/highs: Tiny little small Stetsom VS400.4
      Amplifier for subs: American Bass VFL120.1 wired at 1 ohm
      Subwoofers: x2 Massive Hippo 84
      Box: 4th order bandpass
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