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Time to meter the Blazer...

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Does anyone know anybody in the Phoenix area who might be willing to help me by metering the Blazer... Lol... I'd need a way to contact them as well...

Please help I do not want to wait till the fall to get it done at Wild Horse Pass... It's not a couple of P3's on a thousand watts!.. I swear!... No disrespect to Rockford fans meant...I just need to find the general cabin resonance and burp it once or twice... please help!


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    • By TrillWill
      I have a 2014 Sierra crew can,  and i have listed my seats 3" higher with steel tubing and grade 8 bolts.i did this to build the best and buffer box for this truck.  I previously had 2 sundown x8 prior to me lifting the seats and i want to make something better that i can really feel. What's the best subs and what size that i can put in my truck to get deeper lows? Should i go with 4 8s, 2 10s, or 2 12s?
    • By aygobasshead
      Hello guys, I need your help. Maybe anyone of you has any experience with this issue or Bit One configs.
      The thing is that I have wired my Bit One and it does receive 12 volts from the battery, but it doesn't power up.
      What I've tried:
      - My friend has a Bit One, I tried replacing his with mine and it didn't work, while his does.
      - Tried a different DRC and manually powering it on
      - Hooking it up to the battery
      What I haven't done yet:
      - Connect it to a laptop with USB to see if it turns on (haven't tried because I am not ready to tune it yet as I've just only wired it)
      Things I'm unsure of:
      - Is it possible that a config causes this issue? (probably not as it should turn on when it's hooked up straight to the battery I'm guessing)
      - Is it possible that, because my Bit One hasn't been powered on for half a year, perhaps it needs to be 'charged'
      Anyone, please help me!
      Edit: could it be that it just turns on when it senses an audio signal?
    • By aygobasshead
      Recently I installed my Audison Bit One in to my car, I'm still playing around with it as I am a DIY guy.
      Now, I am aware the Bit One can be tuned with an RTA microphone, in order to refine the time alignment.
      I've seen a couple of RTA microphones, Dayton ones aren't that expensive. But I was wondering, do you guys know about affordable RTA microphones?
      I'm located in Europe, that might be an issue.
      Thanks guys!
    • By mike12
      Hello, Im looking to get a box design for 2 NVX VCW 12s from specs it says they like lower tuning and around 1.5 to 1.85 cubes per sub. with that in mind id like to tune to 30/32hz also i have good electrical that never dips below 13.5, i will get at least rated 2k if not more my max room is 15.5" tall,34"wide,23" deep thanks!
    • By mike12
      So just to state this is not a VS thread. I just want to know what the advantages or disadvantages of say running 2 12s that are 1k rms ea over say a single 12 at 2k rms or even a single 15 at 2k rms 
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