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Hello I have a 2013 buick regal gs with the factory harmon kardon audio system. It includes... 3.5 " in center of dash, Fronts doors have 6.5" along with 1" tweeters, Rear Doors have 6.5", And rear deck have 2 6x9's. Im wanting to replace everything and add a 4 channel amp and a mono amp. Im going to be using the factory head unit since they dont make a aftermarket kit for my car yet. I plan on using the Lc7i to get the rca signals. I picked up 2 jl w3v3's for 200 with a box brand new so thats what im running for subwoofers. So my main question is since im going to try and run 7 speakers on a 4 channel amp (if itll even work) how would i wire it? Id be buying all rockford punch for highs and mids so everything will be 4 ohms and running them on a nvx jad800.4

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If u really want to run that many speakers around the cabin, i counted 9 speakers, not 7 tho. For the 9 speakers you'll need two 4ch amps one could be the smallest 4ch and one bigger 4ch. Small and big referring to power output "rms". The smaller 4ch, bridge two channels together for ur center channel, and use the other  2 channels of the amp for the rear deck speakers. Those two spots would need the least amount of power, you dont want a whole bunch of sound coming from behind ur head. Then the higher power 4ch use 2channels for ur front doors (assuming you buy a component speaker set with a passive crossover, which id suggest to do if ur trying to run all 9 speakers) then ur rear doors off the last two channels. Ur doors is where u want all the power. 

If you want to keep it simple you could just cancel all rear speakers and center channel. Just replace ur front doors 6.5 and tweet. 

Also if u havent bought an amp yet. You could look into getting a 5ch amp if theres one strong enough to match ur subs.

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