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  1. Bass updates comin for the Ram

  2. Been a while, but im back. Just had a week off from work and got some updates to the Ram to post coming up. Gonna need some help with the finalizing of the numbers on my box. Gonna try to find some baltic birch later on today, its fuckin 4am and i been wreckin my brain crunchin numbers for this box. 

    So whats going on guys, what'd i miss?


  3. I dont know if i will watch that video but ill go and like it forsure lol. For the same reason i dont ever watch any more movies with dogs in them. Shit always kills me.
  4. Have u tried hooking up another speaker to that amp just to isolate the issue being at the amp. Because if u disconect rcas and its still hissing that means the headunit is not even connected to it in anyway, so the headunit doesnt matter.
  5. Also didnt really comprehend how big 96 inches is....i wouldve been like ? seeing some 4foot by 9foot boxes showing up at my door lol.
  6. Damn 150? Yah i guess ur right, 50 pounds a peice average might be right. That must be why, those wieghts have to be freight shipped i believe. Had do deal with that when ordering all my secondskin before. Think i just found one ill check out on friday. Its a local laminate shop, sells acrylics,plastic and woods. Sounds pretty promising. Just wondering what their prices will be like. Thats why i prefer online usually its way cheaper, but shipping always fks it up lol.
  7. Granted they were huge sheets of HDPE plastic. One 0.125"x48"x96", then one 0.25"x48"x96", then one 0.5"x48"x96". Just some plastic to cut down for whatever i need.
  8. Something look kinna messed up here??? Fkn crazy. I wonder how people are able to make sense of paying those prices. Maybe if u order a whole palate worth of things. I just wanted three sheets of plastic.
  9. The slimming effect of black lol. The 3.5k amps accept 0gauge, pretty sure thats not 4/0. The adapters are on the 175.4 amps because they only accept 4gauge, 0to4gauge adapters probably.
  10. Quick question about grommets.

    1. 06RTCharger


      The larger side of this grommet goes into the engine compartment side of the hole right? So its not sticking into the interior so much, even tho the 4/0 will still be a big protrusion but atleast it can bend a lil unlike the grommet.



    2. WalledSonic


      Whichever side has an o ring is the side thats toward the engine bay. I think the nut side. Do both sides have an o ring?

    3. 06RTCharger


      The oring is removeable like a washer. I ended up doing it the way i mentioned, bulge on the exterior, nut on the interior

  11. Just when i think im gonna get to finish running wires in the Charger floor.........

    1. 06RTCharger
    2. 06RTCharger


      Imma be an optimist and say "atleast all the dust is getting washed off..."

    3. 06RTCharger


      Heres some of what i was doing when it down poured on me.

      Took these in the car and fished it into the dash bezel area.


      Then i didnt  like how those metal connectors/housings would *clink clink clink clink* around, so i added some stuff to stop the clinking.



  12. Awesome! I’ll be working on that then. Ill post back with pics of the finished product if im able to make it work in the available space.
  13. They are meant to get wet? Wont water damage a speaker? My stock 6x9 adapters had an “umbrella” portion, which is what gave me the idea that maybe i should include something like that on the ones i made. It wouldnt be like those foam cups or fastring plugs. I would form it more like a awning for the back of the adapter thats in the inner door cavity.
  14. Is LLP waterproof? I was trying to figure out a way to create and add an “umbrella” to the back portion of my custom speaker adapters, the section thats inside the door cavity gets water dripped on it if it rains or washing the car. Im thinking waterproof foam would be the easiest and most pliable option, just use some adhesive and form it around the back portion of the adapter. I already have a ton of LLP so ill try that if its water proof. Just a couple pics of the adapter for my front doors. The angle i made the speaker aim kind of helps keep water from dripping on the actual speaker, but i just want to be sure it wont get wet. My doors leak A LOT, which is another issue ill take care of later.
  15. Noob question. There is a blue/white “remote turn on” on both harnesses. Im not supposed to connect thise two together right? I can use them as individual turn on sources?

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    2. 06RTCharger


      Havent finished the goal yet of laying all the second skin on the floor and running the wires. I dont wanna update it till im done with laying all my secondskin on the floors/roof. Almost there tho, i just been kinna caught up with tryna get another ride so i can leave my charger at home and just work on it without having to worry about having to drive it to work the next day. Having only a daily driver wasnt cutting it. Been shopping around the past few days and tonight i got me a big brother for the charger today. So stoked.


    3. 06RTCharger


      Its a 2014 Ram 1500 4x4 Express, has the 5.7 hemi like my charger. Its only got 15k miles on it. Already thinking of a system for it???smh. Ill try to finish the charger first tho.

    4. 8ten8


      Congrats on the new purchase brahda! Lookn forward to checkn the updated build

  16. Finally had some good time off from work. Been doing some sound deadening. Full interior, pulled everything except the actual shifter and the dashboard. Ill be adding to the build log a lil bit in a couple days. 

    1. 06RTCharger


      Heres a lil peep 



    2. 06RTCharger


      Some Bstock snuck into my damp pro 80sqft case smh. Could see through to the silver foil when i peeled the waxpaper off. So far it was only on two sheet that i noticed. I can deal with a few mishaps, but if theres a bunch more ill ask them about it. 




  17. EAGLES? Moneyline ?

    1. fosgatefan821


      Was a good game,lol. 

    2. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Did it make up for what you lost on bitcoin?

    3. 06RTCharger


      I havent lost yet in bitcoin lol, its still going. But damn its droppin in value like crazy. 

  18. Damn! ????????????? Eagles SMASHED today, stoked, team looked really strong today. I hope being in Minnesota later wont have a negative effect lol.

  19. Woke up and almost shit myself. 8am i was about to get ready for work and my phone gets an emergency alert.... It says “EMERGENCY ALERT. BALLISTIC MISSLE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEAK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” That was a fucked up half hour to start the day off. Turns out some dumbass hit the wrong button SMFH. 

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    2. Kyblack76


      Heads oughta roll for that shit. Thats a horrible horrible mistake. 

    3. bsneon98


      I heard on the radio this morning the person who caused the error has been reassigned. Not fired, reassigned. 

    4. 06RTCharger


      Because they wont release info on who exactly it was, all the employees there are getting death threats. 

      Also Japan just did the same thing, had a false nuclear missile alert text sent out. BUT they corrected it within a few mins, its took the alert system here 38 mins to release the “its a false alert” message.

  20. Bitcoin falling pretty far down, kinna want it to stay lower for a while so i can buy some before it goes back up lol. Its around 13.1-13.3k right now.

    1. Skullz


      Spend it on a rig to mine instead of buying it.


  21. Two days ago RussianMinerCoin RMC, the cryptocurrency was less than $1 for a coin. This morning it was 22k per coin and right now its 29.9k. Tf is going on with that? Whoever bought those a few days ago has now probably made a huge change in their life. 

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    2. 06RTCharger


      From what i could gather with a quick google. Bitcoin mining was just legalized or something in russia. Like couple days ago. So im guessing once that news broke, EVERYBODY that heard it started scooping up all the RMC they could, it was a very limited amount of RMC availble i think, so that made it even more wanted. 

      That company RMC is going to be building a huge mining facility and anyone with those coins will get a percent of what they mine. Something like that, thats what i read. Shits insane tho, wish i wouldve been in on the news. 

    3. Hotdog


      It will probably dump hard leaving people jumping on the bandwagon late with huge losses. I have seen groups out there that specifically pump up crypto coins to dump on the people that jump into it trying to make a profit. 

    4. 06RTCharger


      Yup, if u watch the graphs u can see it lol. 

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