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73Ah K2 Lithium Bank w/ Bus Bars (13.3V at rest)

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EDIT (10/23/17): SOLD  

I bought a bank of 73Ah K2 Lithium two months ago.  I couldn't find more than a single bank.  Since then, I've sold my car and have decided to add 3 banks of lithium to my build, so I am buying all JY Power.  I already have 2 banks of JY, so I'd like to sell this K2 bank to get a third JY.


The bank with the copper bars is the one for sale.  I made the bus bars, and the neat thing about them is that you can configure the cells in any configuration, unlike the JY bars.



Here's a thread I created concerning internal resistance.  These batteries measure 3.3milliohms.  One JY bank I bought measures 3.3milliohm and the other 2.7milliohm.  So these K2's are in good shape.

Here's another thread detailing a conversation I had with Cameron at K2 concerning the good health of these cells:

Talk about boosting your resting voltage!  I had 395Ah of XS Power AGM installed in my car already.  When I added the 73Ah cells, the system voltage rose to 13.3V and stayed there strongly.  I ran these for about a week before I sold my second car and decided to go bigger.


Asking $700 shipped to the lower 48 with bus bars included.  $650 delivered to (almost) anywhere in central/east Texas and Lousiana.

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stupid question but what is the difference between this and a jy 80ah?

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JY and K2 wont release the fine details, but I believe the capacitive effect of the cells is higher with the 80Ah.  Also, the allowable charge/discharge rate per cell is higher with the JY.  These 73Ah cells are good for about 70A per cell, according to Cameron at K2.  The thing is, if you ran no other batteries and ran these 4 cells alone with a single 280A alternator, you'd be fine.  If you add any other batteries that would allow the charge per cell to decrease, you'd be even better.

All the batteries are produced by K2 in Nevada, but according to Cameron at K2, JY Power helped set the bar for the power output capability of the 80Ah cells.

Here's the spec sheet:


Notice on the spec sheet the current charge says 18A.  Cameron stated that this value is conservative and that the cells were good for about 70A each.  He mentioned that the target audience (windmills, renewable energy, etc) wants cycling capability, and that low charge rates help prolong battery life when cycling.  Most of our builds do not cycle deeply as we all try to maintain voltage in the 12s.  If you are dropping to the 8V range for this bank, then you would want to charge slower than 70A/cell.

I hope that helps, and I welcome any other input.  I ran these with my last setup for a week and the voltage rigidity was so solid, I decided to start my next build with 3 banks of lithium.

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      I am asking $300 per battery, and $100 for the copper bus bar ($170 value, plus they are already drill and tapped).  I will personally deliver to (almost) anywhere in central/east Texas or Louisiana.

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