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  1. Texas Heat Wave in Austin... Anyone going?
    I wasnt able to finish the enclosure yet, but I plan on showing off the cage work, drinking with audio fam, and get demos all weekend.

  2. Whats up with the discord thing?  An overly complicated chatbox and ad tool?  Seems to have much less traffic than old chatbox.  meh

  3. Flickr now charging for over 1000 pictures.  I have 1022 and about to start a new build log.  Gonna delete 22 images to maintain my old BLs and move on to another service for the new BL.

  4. And here I am posting on status updates like its chatbox... SMDH ? ?

  5. meh, chatbox was weak anyway.  Site traffic is low and no one is ever on at the same time.  Like trying to have a conversation with 6 hour gaps in between comments.

  6. Been so busy lately doing shit I dont want to do.  I just want to rip the car apart and go ham on the design.  I love audio and I fucking love designing shit.

  7. Indianapolis on business. Bell’s Two Hearted American IPA
  8. Man you west coasters got it good! Some of our best bottle shops in TX dont have what yall have in corner stores.
  9. considering what the 2019 silverado looks like, GM is too far off the track to give us a good looking Blazer this generation. Maybe in 5 more years...
  10. Saw this custom cut up Tahoe on the Bagged Board. This is how to Blazer, Chevy!
  11. Assuming everyone has seen the car salesman memes on FB lately...
  12. I love em. Try to find a cascade for a properly tart sour beer. Some 'sours' are kind of bastards in that the brewer may just dump sweet juice in at the end and not referment it. Also check out Jolly Pumpkin out of Michigan. Theyre on point too.
  13. Its as you said earlier, unregulated power supply. More voltage = more power. 5dB headroom at 'rated power' means crazy dynamic capability. BigDWiz has a good amp test video of an LP. Also, read the user manual for one of their amps on their website. Its not your average user manual. Tons of great information.
  14. If you leave this attached to at least 1 ground cable, you'll be fine. If you want consistent charging, you can simply unplug it and the system will charge at 13.8V instead of swinging with the PCM control. I chose to leave it unplugged and am currently running a self-exciting alternator that always charges around 14.5V. The worst part is a battery light on the dash, which wont even void an inspection. As long as you're aware its there, you can tend to it if you get tired of the voltage swings or battery lights. Feel free to PM me if you have more questions, although I'm sure your buddy will give you all the info you need, sir.
  15. Hey Randal, any reason you prefer passive components over active? Im interested to hear your take.
  16. Similar beer except using red raspberry as opposed to white and standard oak barrels instead of sovignon aged oak. Crisper, fruitier, less funky. EDIT: the fruit added is fernented to dryness, this is not a beer with raspberry juice added at the bottling stage.
  17. Sunday Funday. Working on Shadow, getting ready for Texas Heat Wave. Cascade Framblanc. Crisp, sour, and fruity with a tinge of funk from the barrel yeast. If you like sour beer, this brewery is one of the leaders in mixed fermentation barrel aged sour beers.
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