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Skar Audio LP1000.1d - 1000 Watts for 129 Bucks? AD-1 Amp Test and Giveaway inside! Claim 3 spots! UPDATE - WINNER PAGE 195!

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1000 Watts for $129.99? Is that a typo? I don't know.  If so, sorry to the guys at SKAR Audio.  But when i saw that i knew i had to put my 1000.1D on the dyno and see if it would make it's rated power.  I have had the v1 version for over a year but never really had a good chance to play with it.  I guess there is a v2 version out which is pretty close to the same in looks.  I don't know about internals.  Anyway, if it does it's power, i want to give it away to a lucky winner!


See how this is first comment is "post #1"?  Each member who see's this post can claim up to 3 spots.  Just post the words "SKAR AUDIO FTW 1000.1 CLAIMED" in whatever 3 spots you would like.  You can do 3 in a row.  You can spread them out over the next few days.  If you do more than 3, first of all, that is DIRTY....but we will see it.  If that is the case, and we catch it, your first 3 will be the only ones that count. So lets not waste anyone's time by doing more than that.  Then all you have to do is wait!  I will draw a random number on a specified day in the near future... and if it lands on your POST, you will get it!  Simple right? 


I am working on the video right now.  I will have results as soon as i do.  Good luck guys!















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