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  1. Thanks for breaking it down man. This will be my port area calculator from now on.
  2. Your calculator agrees with many of my designs, i like it. I noticed that your calculator does not take subwoofer size and quantity into account like other calculators I've seen. Could you explain why that value is not used?
  3. The headliner is finally in! And it looks great! Check out the BL

  4. The [email protected] Hoe now has quad alternators. Check the BL next week for a BEAUTIFUL custom headliner

  5. The LSAW H2 build went to it's first show last weekend, it got very positive reviews, good to know since it's only on half power and nowhere near dialed in yet. Check out the BL

  6. I wish I had some good Rum, but I'm too drunk to drive to the liquor store. I guess I'll just keep drinking Vodka.

    1. strangeduck


      cheap rum is best. i mean, you mix it and all rum is shit anyway. might as well get the cheapest. <--career rum drinker

  7. Finally fixed the passenger window today, took a few hours, should've done it a long time ago. Check it out in my BL.

  8. Congratulations SMD Forum. Been here since 2009 or so but joined much later officially. Great forum. One feature that would be awesome that is missing from the forum is some sort of "tagging" feature so we could tag members on posts. I have had a few interactions with SM in the past, he is always easy-going and professional. Steve and Tony were very accommodating when I asked for some slight modifications to my TM1 as well. Steve, awesome new ride, I gotta make it out there one of these days for some demos. Thanks for all the vids, they were my introduction into big bass and clean rides.
  9. Check out the LSAW H2 BL. We're almost ready to test, got etched plexiglass and LEDs installed, TFHE guts on display.

  10. Good day for bass today. New video in my BL

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