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  1. Hey man send me a message on Facebook when you are going to do a test/demo session. I wanna hear this thing playing.
  2. Any interest on a blown 12K? $1000 shipped OBO Power side blew out after a long day. I'm going to go to 4 5ks instead of 2 12ks It's the bottom one on the Pic. 10/10 looks-wise
  3. Subreddit r/MMAStreams puts up links 1hr before it starts. Usually decent quality.
  4. Im still down a 12k bro. I would go to get some demos but I'm watching UFC tonight.
  5. Would prefer to meet up to avoid shipping costs but will ship if interested. $1000 OBO Power supply went out. Amp looks great otherwise.
  6. Yeah I'm currently down. Need to drop down to .35ohm on my remaining 12k but I gotta rewire my subs and my wall is a bitch to reload subs so I've been putting it off.
  7. FB is where I find out about these shows. Trying to get my inspection done so I can be at this show. Hopefully I'll be there as a demo guy, if not I'll just be spectating.
  8. Looking dusty. I should have done what you did and shell out to the max vehicle dimensions. I would have liked to test my subs with a larger port area.
  9. 27Hz Yes. It's running at .5 ohm and so far I have had no issues. The subs will be on 5-8k eventually but they're already putting in work on 1.2k man. Box came out legit, plays 19-45Hz and looks real nice thru the rear view mirror.
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