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  1. Hey man send me a message on Facebook when you are going to do a test/demo session. I wanna hear this thing playing.
  2. FB is where I find out about these shows. Trying to get my inspection done so I can be at this show. Hopefully I'll be there as a demo guy, if not I'll just be spectating.
  3. Smart move deadening the dash. It gets overlooked often, my Tahoe dash has never cracked because of this. I have 6 fans on a relay and can hear them pretty clearly, I fix the problem by turning it up a bit. Putting major work in brother, looking good. I still think we (Houston area guys) should all get together for a demo session.
  4. I skipped Heatwave because of the heat. It just isn't worth it. Plus I always spend a lot on out of town shows even if I stay at a friend's house, it's like $100+ just on gas. Not to mention entry fees, food, entertainment (Strippers & Cocaine). My truck is in the shop right now getting the beauty trim and amp rack finished up. It'll hopefully be finished before October is over. Then it'll stay playing for a while this time before it has to go under the knife again for paint etc...(I hope)
  5. Nice build brother. What's your next show? I'd like to get a demo. I also have a SSA APM2 in the Houston area if you need to meter.
  6. Thanks for breaking it down man. This will be my port area calculator from now on.
  7. Your calculator agrees with many of my designs, i like it. I noticed that your calculator does not take subwoofer size and quantity into account like other calculators I've seen. Could you explain why that value is not used?
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