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  1. FB is where I find out about these shows. Trying to get my inspection done so I can be at this show. Hopefully I'll be there as a demo guy, if not I'll just be spectating.
  2. I didn't even know that! Oh well I guess I missed it too. How did you find out?
  3. Looking dusty. I should have done what you did and shell out to the max vehicle dimensions. I would have liked to test my subs with a larger port area.
  4. 27Hz Yes. It's running at .5 ohm and so far I have had no issues. The subs will be on 5-8k eventually but they're already putting in work on 1.2k man. Box came out legit, plays 19-45Hz and looks real nice thru the rear view mirror.
  5. Well, I thought I was out. I thought I was done. But I'm an addict so here I am. Got these for an outstanding deal and literally couldn't refuse. Enclosure coming soon. I believe these are 1 rev1 and 1 rev2 both with rev2 recones, never seen power on new recones.
  6. crescendo bc2000 only doing 1000rms, why?

    I had a weird amp issue with output years ago with a SQ3500, SQ tested and could not get it to fail like it did for me. I ended up getting a new one because Fedex damaged the bad one so they kind of did me a favor. So I know there can be issues that a bench test might not show. However, this sounds like 3 things, the shop tested it inaccurately, you tuned the Crescendo incorrectly and the Hifonics correctly, or the amp is simply defective.
  7. crescendo bc2000 only doing 1000rms, why?

    There are people who are much louder than me on half the power, so no, you can't tell the difference, too many variables. This is not a personal attack on the OP, just general advice for new bassheads: Please know that your ears lie all the time. Always look for science based results using precise equipment. There are simply too many variables for your ear to give you an accurate answer. Also a sentence like "Sounds like a 140dB!!!" is very subjective. People question their meter readings simply because they thought it sounded like a 140dB and the meter said 133dB. There's a chance the equipment is off, but 99.9% of the time, your ear lied to you.