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SPL-Lab New Product- MBM165-SE-G

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SPL-Lab customers, meet our NEW SPL-Lab device AND new Retail Packaging.

Familiar with the Mini Bass Meter?

This is our 2nd Generation model.
We are calling it Mini Bass Meter SE-G
SE-G= Second Generation Green.

The primary difference in its hardware is this portable device now can measure up to 165dB! Whereas our 1st Gen (that is about to have a price drop) only goes to 160dB.

What is all this retail packaging?

2nd Gen will be packed in Retail AND come supplied with all accessories if purchased through one of our Dealers OR paid through us at MAP of $244.

Yes, we are Not increasing cost just because you are getting more, 

2nd Gen Retail packaging includes all of the following not found in 1st Gen-

Retail box with protected foam
Green display for enhanced viewing during all lighting conditions
Up to 165dB
Portable Power Pack allows to use mini bass meter ANYWHERE you go
Power pack charge cable
Cable connecting Power pack and mini bass meter
12v cig socket adapter still supplied for in car use

We will announce what our 1st Gen pricing will be dropping to soon and no, we are not discontinuing it either. They are a global hot seller.

And do not forget-  When receiving your order, pull the protective film off the screen!  The display will get 60x clearer and much brighter by doing this!






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I was just about to buy one of your 1st gen ones. Where can I find these new 2nd gen meters on your website? 

My Daily 8th gen Civic Coupe

https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/211131-honda-civic-coupe-08-2k-daily-headaches/ (Build Log)

Gear (specifics on build log)

Pioneer 80 PRS / RF P600x4 / DC 2k / Mechman 240 A / XS D3400 + D5100R / Two SA-12(D4) / RF T2 Components / Sky High Wiring (OFC)

~3.6 Cubed Net / 34 Hz Tuned / Center Port



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Honestly, our website would be the last place we update the information.  It keeps us so busy, forums and social media see it first.

We have 4 different clamps we can sell but only advertise 1 on our website, :(

We are getting there though..  For the time being, you can contact us directly with your email address, or contact one of our dealers.


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We are looking to finally add this product to our website this week. 

We are also working on adding all of our power measuring kits to the site soon too.

We currently have 6 different clamps but will be knocking it down to 4 soon and possibly 3 by the beginning of next year.


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