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  1. Voltage drop tests with a DMM separates the men from the boys . . . and fact from fiction. Thick, tin-plated eyelets offer low resistance terminations to cables and surfaces. Quality tinned OFC. Short return paths - none of this I ran my grounds back to the battery nonsense that prevails in this hobby. 3/8" & 1/2" Grade 5 plated hardware into tapped holes in thick surfaces with internal / external zinc plated star washers. Then, pull out your DMM and prepared to be amazed.
  2. We're proud to finally offer this incredibly compact and versatile PDC for high current accessories. For more info, full specifications, and to purchase a kit:…/gep-dual-70a-relay-wate…/ This is my new favorite PDC - I can't wait to see what kinds of cool projects they're used for! Also, PDCs of this size can be interlocked (see last photo) for large projects - how freakin' cool is that?
  3. So, we're unable to reach Joe X. Would any member be able to reach him? If so, please have him contact me ASAP via the contact info in my email.
  4. I began selling High Output alternators in 1989 - nearly 30 years ago. In that time, I've done business with numerous companies. I've sold, installed, and analyzed hundreds of HOAs. Mechman stands head and shoulders above the others. The product is bullet proof. The customer service top notch. The fit and finish exceptional. You always get what you pay for with Mechman and there's never a question about that. Mechman became an SMD Partner in September of 2010. CE Auto Electric Supply became a Mechman dealer in February of 2012. In that time, I can tell you without hesitation that Mechman has been an exemplary partner to both SMD and CEAES in every sense of the word. In a category full of me too product wrapped in marketing hyperbole, Mechman products deliver. Matt - we're damn glad to have ya'!
  5. 1 - Simple. The headlights dim to the beat of the music due to the voltage drop created as a function of the amplifier(s) current demand. The more current required, the more severe the voltage drop and the more one's vehicle resembles a rolling disco to passersby. 2 - The solution would be to eliminate the voltage drop. In order to do that, a comprehensive and complete understanding of how your charging system really works is in order. For those of us that have street systems, with which we play music, the answer is quite simple indeed. [Quality] Capacitors. Recall, caps do two things: a) Store charge b) Oppose changes in voltage. Add enough capacitance (no more than 18" downstream of the offending amplifiers) and problem solved. This works 100% of the time. So, we don't add caps to the headlights, swap to LED or HID lighting (wherein the power supplies are regulated - you may want to re-read my earlier post in regard to understand why exactly these types of headlights don't dim to the beat of the music) - all of that stuff is merely moving the farm a few miles downstream of the leaking dam. Fix the leak. Obviously, this is a somewhat controversial topic. How many of you can I get to prove me wrong or right?
  6. Surely all the deep thinkers haven't retired . . . where's @SnowDrifter when we need him?
  7. Pussy Magnet . . . lol . . . shit, they run from it. Your headlight is showing you the voltage fluctuations present on your charging system - just like the needle swinging on an analog volt meter. This is data that we can easily interpret. From brightest (maximum voltage available) to lowest (lowest voltage available) and everything in-between. As enthusiasts, we always want to make use of the maximum voltage available - no matter the design of the power supply of our amplifiers. To refresh, they are: Regulated - The amplifier's output power is not affected by input voltage, down to about 10.5V (typically). The power supply pulls this feat off by making use of Ohm's Law in its simplest form - when input voltage decreases input current increases. The net result is that power IN is the same and therefore power OUT is the same. Unregulated - The amplifier's output power is affected by input voltage. The more input voltage (to a point), the more output voltage. The greater the output voltage into the load, the greater the current into the load. Conversely, as input voltage drops so does output voltage and output current. The Power Law (P = I x E) illustrates this fully [leaving Power Factor out for the propeller heads]. So, utilizing the highest voltage available has benefits for both designs. This is known as maximizing efficiency and minimizing loss. But, how do we do that? You guys gotta' dig deep and do some thinking. The next generation of car audio experts depends on it.
  8. Who else? Thus far, nobody has answered both questions correctly. I'll give you a hint. The headlight is behaving like an analog VOM. What is it telling you?
  9. 1 - Tell me the reason, and explain why 2 - Tell me the solution, and explain why Let's see who knows their shit. Go.
  10. Tha'ts a really good deal! Wow.