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  1. Tha'ts a really good deal! Wow.
  2. Guys, you really should educate yourselves about what capacitors do and their place in high powered audio systems. I blame it on the industry - where once quality products were the norm, they are now the exception. I asked our admin to revive an old thread in regards. Once that's up, you should all read it. Science > conjecture.
  3. Ditch the Boss "2F" Cap. That is a glorified Boss sticker and nothing more. Replace the Boss cap with a high quality 1F capacitor from a reputable manufacturer - like a vintage Lighting Audio, Streetwires, or RF cap off of eBay. Ensure the cap is within 12" of the amplifiers power / ground leads. 1750 Class D watts . . . 1750 / 75% amplifier efficiency = 2333 Watts Input 2333 Watts Input / 13.8 VDC = 169A of current required (on sine waves) 169A x 50% duty cycle of heavily compressed music = 84.5A of current required on music (bass discs included) After the cap is replaced, and connected properly, then measure voltage over time at the battery with a quality DMM (Fluke 115 / 87, etc) while playing music loudly with the engine at an idle. If you see dips below 13.4 VDC, the alternator is simply not producing enough output current to power the accessories, your system, and keep a charge on the battery. Only then will you know if an upgraded alternator is in order. I predict that it will be. The cap is still a wise investment and will allow your new alternator to work far better than without it. As far as alternators go, Mechman is tough to beat. Like slowfkncar (lol) says, if you have any plans to add to your system then this is a smart investment anyhow.
  4. I don't necessarily agree. Sound Deadening can be a significant investment for some of the serious builds at SMD! I think this is a great option and commend Second Skin for offering it.
  5. Let me break it down for you. SOTM is a way for Steve to give back to the community. Over the years, we've given hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gear to SMD Members. Nearly all of our SMD Partners (both current and past) have supported the idea with open arms and have been incredibly generous with their offerings. Nobody is entitled to it, no more than you're entitled to the Power Ball winnings for buying a ticket. It makes me sick to my stomach to see the non-stop arguing, cheating, belly-aching, and general whining that has accompanied this act of kindness. So, I'll leave this up to you guys. If you want SOTM back, then you have to champion it. You have to discourage the BS and be positive with your input. If you see a n()()b doing something wrong when trying to enter, show him how to do it right. If you suspect foul play, then bring it to the mod's attention versus littering up the SOTM threads with discussions of it - this is my biggest beef. If you want to see a perfect example of what SOTM shouldn't be, just watch the tournament in White Men Can't Jump . . . and then add cheating to it.
  6. So, who here at SMD are the industry's next great thinkers? Who is on their way to becoming the expert? Who is already there is and ready to solve the next big problem, overcome the next big hurdle, or earn the next patent?
  7. We recently added 4/0 AWG eyelets to our selection of MEGA Eyelets! In this family, we now offer 8, 6, 4, 2-1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, and 4/0 AWG parts! We also offer many of these pats in pre-bent 90 and 45 degree variants. MEGA Eyelets are the real deal: a man’s eyelet in a world of cheap imposters. MEGA eyelets provide incredibly low resistance connections and are three times as beefy as hardware store eyelets (see below pic). When correctly installed, MEGA Eyelets provide a lifetime termination. MEGA Eyelets are made from super-thick barrel stock, tin-plated to resist corrosion, and crimp-tool coded. These can be crimped or soldered. Made in the USA. We also negotiated a heck of a deal on the industry standard crimping tool for these so we're passing the savings on to you! Here are the links: Mega Eyelets - https://ceautoelectricsupply.com/individual-components/eyelets-large-gauge-butt-connectors/mega-eyelets/ XL Hand Held Crimping Tool - https://ceautoelectricsupply.com/tools/ So, why don't we sell the standard, inexpensive copper parts? I mean, after all they're cheaper, right? 2 reasons: 1 - A copper eyelet crimped to a standard copper cable is not a lifetime termination. Copper oxidizes and corrodes. Over time, this causes the connection to break down from the inside out. Conversely, installing one of our tin-plated MEGA eyelets on our tin-plated OFC and insulating the terminaton with adhesive lined heat shrink (we also offer), this is a lifetime termination that won't ever break down. 2 - Voltage drop. Plain and simple, the more contact area that you can achieve between the cable and eyelet the lower the resistance. The same goes for the contact area between the eyelet and connection point. When we're talking about circuits that pass major current - 100A and up - this is a factor that you can measure. 300A and up and you're flat out losing performance - wasting it as heat in the terminations! Anyone can be cheaper. There can only be one BEST and at CE Auto Electric Supply, that's our business model.
  8. Check these out! Perfect for making waterproof connections. All parts are manufactured by Delphi so you're getting the REAL deal, not some cheap imitation. https://ceautoelectricsupply.com/new-products/
  9. These seem like very reasonable prices!
  10. So, the 6 batteries in the back . . . are those positives tied together? If so, it's a non-issue.