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SPL 1st timer questions

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So I'll be hitting my first ever local SPL show in a month. I've never been to one so myself and my setup are both still virgins. I was hoping for some help with what to expect. I run 2 15" RE Audio XXX subs on a Sundown 4000.1 amp. Ported enclosure tuned to 32hz. Mechman 370 amp alternator only tied to the system. Sky High 2/0 gauge throughout. 2 XS Power D3100s in the back and 1 XS Power D3400 under the hood all tied to the amp only. The floor, all 4 doors plus the rear hatch all have been Dynomated. I normally just listen to what's on the radio and Bluetooth every now and then on long rides so I'm lost when it comes to what to play for these events. 

1. What do most people play for the SPL comps?

2. Do they pull numbers with doors/windows open or closed? 

3. What is a respectable number to be hitting? 

Any tips would be appreciated. Looking forward to seeing what my Hoe has finally got!

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Depending on what SPL event you go to there may be different rules/classes/etc. so just look up or contact the event staff for that info.

I've never competed so I can't help you with the rest, but from the videos I've watched people have used anything from Bluetooth to flac files. Some music and some tones/sweeps. Your best bet is to find your peak frequency which may require several events if you do not own your own meter. 

Some general info can be found in one of EXOs vids: 


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